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In spite of the pro-spec virtual processing tools available to us all these days, one thing many of us still struggle to achieve is that elusive 'pro vocal'. As part of the quest, we throw huge amounts of compression at our singers, but that creates a new problem: sibilance.

These harsh 'sss' sounds are an unavoidable side-effect of heavy compression, and they add a harsh edge that makes our loud vocal sound more like it was recorded in a nightclub than Abbey Road. Enter the de-esser.


  • Monitoring of removed signal.
  • Excellent smart vocal algorithm.
  • Low latency and oversampling modes.
  • Works on single tracks and full mixes.
  • Mid-side and stereo linked operation.
  • Excellent visual display.


  • Fittingly high price.


If you need a de-esser, you'll sssstruggle to find better than FabFilter's utterly comprehensive solution.

Rating: 5/5

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