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Eisenberg VIER Review at Nueko Music Magazine

Eisenberg VIER, when the sound evolves!

As soon as we opened this powerful VST / Stand-alone our eyes are illuminated by seeing all these knobs ready to be used, our mind immediately started thinking about the endless possibilities of sound manipulation and just put your hands on VIER these fantasies are turned into reality. 
You remember the legendary Doepfer MS-404? If you also loved to madness the sound produced by this analog synthesizer, VIER will make you go crazy with pleasure.
From now on you will find that VIER is not a simple emulator but thanks to the possibilities and the technology used offers so much more, all parameters can be connected to obtain a cross-modulation, you can get very specific sound effects on taking full advantage of the dynamics offered by VIER, just press the keys with slightly greater intensity, or to obtain a coloring of the sound different, all this will give thousands of shades to your sound and your performance.
The 4 units of VIER give you the ability to control and modify the parameters concerning LFO, VCO, VCF and VCA / Envelope, also uniting with each other, you can create special sounds very original and making the most of the potential and also the total automation offered by this product signed Eisenberg.
We tested VIER on different platforms without encountering any problem, also tried in stand-alone mode can be the faithful companion of live performances from a strong emotional impact. its basic layout and very clear and the body of the sound emanating make VIER very interesting to use in different situations.
The VIER is a powerful tool suitable for creating new sounds from scratch, put all our knowledge to work on the synthesis and release the most of our creativity by creating Preset rich sonority personal, if it produces Deep House, Electro, Tech-House and music electronics in general and love the sound experimentation will not be disappointed.
Original source - Nueko Music Magazine

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