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Sugar Bytes Egoist Review at MusicTech Magazine

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Egoist is a user-friendly groove instrument with a slick GUI that's divided into three sections: the slicer, for arranging and manipulating a sample into 16 slices; a Bass & Beat page for sequencing basic ideas using the built -in beat box and synth; and lastly there's an effects page where you can step sequence seven different FX. Clearly the star here is the sampler section, which is where you'll spend most of your time and where the real fun and creativity occurs. The effects section is also excellent, and although the bass and drum sequencers are a little limited, they are a nice addition for sketching when working outside of a DAW. Egoist is well worth checking out if you're in the market for a handy musical sketch pad.


Key Features


  • Creative groove instrument for use in DAWs and standalone
  • Load, slice, sequence and manipulate samples
  • Move and randomise sequences for instant variations
  • Play patterns and sequencer steps using the keyboard
  • Onboard bass, beat and FX units for sketching out ideas


MusicTech Verdict


A beautifully-designed, fun and inspiring groovebox that can help kick-start your creativity.


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