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Eisenberg Audio Vier Review at MusicTech Magazine

Vier is a new instrument that emulates the Doepfer MS-404 analogue mono synth, with a clear GUI that gives you the access to four units. These can be linked in a variety of ways, from simple unison, to key-splits and a revolver mode, and each of the parameter knobs van easily be joined to each other, or to the eight macro knobs via a patching system. The sound quality is fairly decent, with anti-aliasing oscillators and zero-delay feedback filters, and there are 100 presets showing off a range of modular style sounds. The team should be commended for translating the design into software form, although this does bring with it a whole load of limitations, such as only one filter type, one LFO shape, and a shared envelope for the filter and amp.

Key Features

  • Soft synth modelled on the Doepfer MS-404
  • Anti-Aliasing oscillators and zero-delay feedback filters
  • Four units in one intelligent voice management
  • Eight Macro knobs with flexible modulation
  • Windows, OSX, VST, AU, RTAS & AAX formats


MusicTech Verdict

A decent sounding analogue modelled synth with a few nifty tricks up its sleeve, only hindered by the limitations of the unit it emulates.


Original source - MusicTech Magazine

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