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Sinevibes Molecule Review at Musictech

Molecule is a multiband effect that splits the incoming signal into three bands, each of which has its own effect processor with a choice of 16 algorithms. These include a tasty array of analogue, clipping and digital distortions, plus great sounding barber pole phaser, comb filter and ring mod. Each band has its own modulator LFO with multiple shapes, a wide rate, and chaos and lag functions to add shape. You can also bypass each band, set the crossover frequency, randomize the plug-in, and quickly switch between eight snapshots. The GUI is crisp and intuitive and slightly off the wall selection of effects forces you to be more creative. The only improvement we’d like to see is wet/dry control for each band.

Key Features:

  • Audio unit effects processor with three adjustable bands.
  • 16 effect algorithms 
  • LFO modulators for each band
  • Randomise function and eight snapshot buttons
  • Clear and easy to use GUI


MT Verdict:

  • An easy to use and playful way to add texture to sounds, with a quirky selection of great sounding and inventive effects. 


Musictech Rating:



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