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MeterPlugs Perception Review at MusicTech.

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Meterplugs Perception – Reviews

Meterplugs and Ian Shepherd are hoping to change the way we listen. Mike Hillier brings a keen ear.

Perception is the result of a collaboration between mastering engineer Ian Shepherd and Meterplugs. Ian has long been a champion of more dynamic masters, founding Dynamic Range Day to promote awareness of the damage done by heavy-handed compression/limiting. Perception aims to give engineers a way of listening to the results of the processing being used without the increase in loudness biasing their opinion.

Mastering yourself

Since adding Perception to our plug-in library, we’ve become almost addicted to it. It’s now the first thing we add to all our mastering sessions, before any other plug-ins or outboard processors. Even the Peak to RMS ratio metering on it has come in handy, replicating some of the functionality of other meters, such as the TT Dynamic Range Meter, or Brainworx bx_meter.
Perception won’t suddenly make your mixes or masters sound better. But it might help you become a better engineer, and that has far more value. If this plug-in helps to point the way towards more dynamic mixes, then Ian Shepherd will have succeeded, and we all will benefit.

Music Tech Rating 

Pros - Syncs dry and processed signals. Balances loudness. Compares different levels of processing with snapshots.

Cons - Takes up two plug-in slots.

Verdict - It's rare that a plug-in that doesn't do anything to the audio would get us so excited. But Perception is one such rarity. 

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