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Yes, it's another synth, but before you roll your seen-it-all-before eyes and turn the page, let us assure you that this one's a bit special…

Zebra 2 is cross-platform and supports the AU and VST formats. Furthermore, MacIntel owners will be glad to know that it's a Universal Binary, too. For those who missed it first time around, Zebra is a 'wireless' modular synthesizer that combines a variety of synthesis techniques under one roof. Though it's primarily fueled by subtractive analogue synthesis features, intrepid explorers will also discover FM and additive elements hiding beneath the user interface. Its flexibility means that it's capable of producing richer, more complex sounds than you'll get from a standard subtractive analogue emulation.


  • Modular power minus the patch cord jungle.
  • Sounds utterly awesome.
  • Dead easy to use.
  • Zebralette! Clever online manual 'blog'.


  • Almost too addictive.
  • Manual is online-only.


  • Zebra 2 is a joy to behold. If you're into soft synths, you owe it to yourself to check it out.


  • 5/5 Stars

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