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Sugar Bytes Obscurium Review at DJ Mag

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Obscurium is a generative synthesizer that uses a mixture of scales and chords to produce vivid harmonics along with organic and lively sounds. Producers are also able to create bubbly arpeggios and modular-type sequences with its in-built sequencer.

The user interface does seem a little daunting at first, but after using Obscurium for a little while, it is something that users will get used to quickly - taking to the colorful, maxed-out layout.

Firstly, the synth engine - this section is made up of two main oscillators. The first is an analogue emulation; saw and pulse waves that producers can morph between and add up to eight voices within a spread, to create that big supersaw sound. The second oscillator is FM, with three modes and routings, overtones and a knob to alter the ratio between carrier and mod frequencies.

The effects section compromises three effects - Chorus, reverb and delay  - which can be edited independently and also applied to your other software instruments by hosting them inside the Obscurium. This feature works really well, and lets users get more out of their existing instruments.At the core of the Obscurium is essentially a sixteen-channel step sequencer. This sequencer is editable by moving different colored dots, with each color representing a different channel; there is plenty you to play with here. Users are able to edit pitch,  cut-off frequency plus resonance of a filter and the mix between the two oscillators. Chords can also be created from the CHORD channel, which selects one of twenty-four chords form the root note in the current table.

In Conclusion:

Obscurium is an in-depth but fun plug-in to create hugely engaging soundscapes and sequences as well as giving producers the ability to breather some new life into their existing instruments. It can be hours of fun creating unique sequences.

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