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DopeSONIX Beat Machine 2 Review at Nine To Five Records

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If you're into the 'making' side of beats, I'm sure that you like drums. Maybe even need them in your productions. As a matter of fact, most of us beatmakers want drums and are quite picky when it comes to choosing them. Some of us use samples from vinyl and some of us use some sort of drum machine.

We got the chance to check out one of the software drum machines on the market - Beat Machine 2.0 from DopeSONIX.

To get you on the right track i have to start by saying that this is a rather simple software, both to use and feature wise. However, this is not always a bad thing since this is a straightforward and easy to use plugin that sounds really good.

When it comes to plugins and music software (as well as other software these days) we usually have manufacturers who are competing about who can cram the most features into a plugin. We are familiar with drum machine software where you have different envelopes per sound, LFO's and whatnot but this is not the case with Beat Machine 2.0. The first thing you see when you load up the plugin is a very clean and understandable interface.

We have an LCD type screen to show what kit you've got selected, there are a few knobs to modify the general sound of the kits, a mixer and five drum pads. That's it. This might be a drawback to some, but the power of beat machine 2.0 isn't in drum synthesis where you can modify your sounds into oblivion and i think that's good. The power of the plugin is in it's huge library of kits, the sound quality and the simplicity to use.

Beat Machine 2.0 is available for Mac and PC (32/64-bit) and literally takes seconds to get up and running with the plugin after installation. The different drums of a kit are laid out on the keys which means that the kick drum is on the C key, the Snare on the D key and so on, which means that programming the drums can be done with most MIDI controllers such as pads or a keyboard. When done with your beat, you have a few options such as adding reverb to the whole beat, pan it, pitch it or change attack and decay. You can also change volume and pan separately on all the drum channels.

Half of the 600 kits are normal stereo kits but there are also the other half which is multi-out kits which means you have the option of routing all sounds from a kit to separate outputs in your DAW for more control. This however might need you to get your stuff together and actually open the manual of your DAW or check out the almighty search engine.

When talking about sounds, there are so much to find in this plugin. 600 crunchy and well sounding kits should be enough to get you started and keep you busy for some time. All of the kits are divided into decades and in the preset bank you will find really good sounding kits from the 90's and up till today. Just programming a beat and then changing kits on that beat gave me so many ideas and the only drawback with the plugin is that since you load up complete kits you can't change the sounds separately. One workaround for this is to load up the plugin twice or bounce your beats.

A lot of the producers that start out today (or recently started) don't really know how or even care about getting into the deep end of the pool when it comes to programming synths or tweaking their sounds. They need easy to use plugins that sounds good and that will let them focus on the actual music making. Myself, I know fairly good how to make my own sounds after 25+ years in this field, but i really like software like this that are easy to use and will let you get beats down fast!

You have so much good content in Beat Machine 2.0 and the kits range from everything from east coast and west coast to trap and should definitely be a good library for anyone into creating everything from boom bap, Premier and Dilla type beats to Timbo style and newer southern styles. If you haven't already,

Original Source - Nine To Five Records.

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