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Wave Alchemy Mutate review at Computer Music Mag

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A refreshingly simple proposition, this Kontakt 5/Player library comprises two separate instrument types - Designed Presets and Raw Waveforms, each with its own presets - powered by 3.7GB of samples grabbed from a hybrid analogue/digital Eurorack modular synth setup.

The Raw Waveforms NKI features three main oscillators, each of which can load one of 42 multisampled waveforms, and a sub-oscillator with five available waves; while Designed Presets offers 142 looped multisamples of programmed patches, with filtering and modulation cooked in, and controls for start point offset and randomisation.

Our Verdict
Mutate's engine is thoroughly usable and flexible enough to get the job done, while the soundbank is a versatile source of interesting and edgy sounds, with an emphasis on bass and EDM flavours.


  • Flexible engine.​


  • Very few.


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