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StereoSavage is a new effect from Plugin Boutique that combines techniques and tools in a single plug-in. You can place the sounds in the stereo field using the Width, Pan and Rotation controls, retain a solid, mono low end with the Bass Bypass dials, and control the phase and L/R of the signal via the Input Routing section. There's also an Effect section that includes an excellent Vox Pitched chorus-style effect, a Haas Delay effect, and an Expander that uses early reflections to add depth. To top things off, there's a crisp goniometer and input/output meters, plus an LFO with six shapes, sync, speed and phase controls, which can be used to control an array of different parameters for subtle movement and more wild effects. The only thing missing is a mono output button to test the mono compatibility of your settings. 

MusicTech Verdict

An incredibly useful tool that combines multiple stereo effects into one concise toolbox. A quick-and-easy plug-in for adding beautifully subtle or more extreme depth to your tracks. 

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