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Emusician Review: Image Line Vocodex

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The original FL vocoder was strictly mono; it uses the left-channel input as the carrier and the right-channel as the modulator. It's still included in the program for compatibility with existing songs, but the Vocodex plug-in is entirely new. Vocodex uses a mono modulator signal, but the carrier can be stereo due to the mixer's new sidechain capability (more about that soon).

For previewing and live performance, Vocodex has its own basic sound source. You can choose from about 25 sounds, such as Elderly and Tube, which are optimized for vocoding. When Vocodex is the front window, the sound source responds to a MIDI keyboard so you can play chords on the keyboard, speak into a microphone and vocode onstage.

Vocodex uses the standard FL multi-segment envelope window (also used in mixer automation, the Sytrus FM synth and so on) for contouring more than a dozen parameters across the frequency spectrum. Using the envelope contours, you can adjust band gain, width and distribution; modulator gain; envelope attack, hold and release; and so on. I'm not aware of any other vocoder that gives you so much control. Original from

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