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Plugin Boutique's StereoSavage Review at Gearslutz

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A Stereo Tool that does it All! 

StereoSavage by Credland Audio, is designed to enhance instruments and effects in the stereo field… obviously! This plug-in however (and I think it might be the first), does all the tricks in one box; widen, auto-pan, delay and more are all available individually or combined. 

I’m a huge fan of stereo widening tricks, and believe they can help your mix stand out from others with that extra bit of interest, so having all of these at your fingertips is a real bonus. 

The GUI is divided in to 6 pretty self-explanatory sections, all of which can be turned on or off and used independently or in combination:

  • Effect: Contains a delay, expander and a 'vox' option. 'Vox' detunes and alters the timing of the source in order to create doubling effects. There is also a wet / dry control here
  • Stereo Adjust: Enables you to widen sounds, or even make them narrower. 'Pre' puts the pan control before the width, and rotation does what they call 'super-natural panning'
  • Input Routing: Complete with phase switches, mono sum and L-R swap
  • Bass Bypass: Allows the bass frequencies below the cut-off to pass through the plugin un-effected
  • LFO: For creating movement and chorus-like effects
  • Meters: With handy I/O meters as well as a visual display of the stereo field


It’s amazingly simple to use, it really doesn’t need any explanation, so I’ll just say that the sound quality is superb, and having lots of effects at your fingertips is fantastic. I ended up using it mainly to add width to mono synths, some auto-panning and as a vocal doubler. All of these it pulled off effortlessly. The sync-able LFO is of great use, and with the drop down menu….

I don’t have anything negative to say about this plugin at all! In the interest of giving a fair review, if I had to say something, it would be that I feel I got better results than the presets, but presets are meant to be a starting point, and the plugin is so easy to use that it really doesn’t matter! 

Gearslutz Ratings:

  • Sound Quality - 5/5
  • Ease of use - 5/5
  • Features - 5/5
  • Bang for buck - 5/5

Overall Rating


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