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Drumdrops Vintage Folk Rock Kit Review at Calaméo

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DrumDrops has developed a new engine for Kontakt, breathing new life into drum VSTs.

When DrumDrops started adapting its VSTs for the BFD platform, I praised the dveelopers for making their samples more user-friendly because the original Kontakt host was not such a great fit for e-drummer.

Maybe they were encouraged, because Drumdrops has gone back to the drwaing board and built a whole new engine (officially, an 'instrument') that overcomes all of the Kontakt drawbacks and delivers a VST that is actually fun to play.

What's in the Box?

Like of all Drumdrops products, the Vintage Folk Rock Kit is a download. It's a 2.16 GB pack, which is fairly large and a bit of a challenge for those faced with a slow internet service. It is in fact, a third bigger than the BFD version, but it is woth the wait. 

The product requires a full version of Kontakt 5.5, not the free Player program, so that may put off some potential buyers. However, if you don't already have Kontakt, it means you don't need to out for the BFD to access these fine samples in a playable format.

The New 'Instrument'

When loading the instrument into Kontakt, you see an interface that is more like the big-name VSTs, a large image of the kit which triggers when you click on an individual kit piece, some controls for drum sounds and performance, and tabs linked to the mixer, mapping and grooves windows. 

In Action

The VST was easy to install and activate and very quick to set up, thanks to the inbuilt MIDI maps. I tried switching a few instruments using the MIDI learn function, and it was a piece of cake. 

Loading is not as straight-forward as some Kontakt instruments because the kit doesn't automatically appear as an instrument. Instead, you have to locate and load the appropriate file. The samples take a while to load the first time you use them, but if you don't get what you want straight off the bat.

The sounds were excellent withouth any fiddling - and there are plenty of samples to ensure natural-sounding performances. Rolls and ghost notes were just like an acoustic kit.

The 'folk rock' label doesn't quite do justice to this versatile kit, which can be used for just about any genre - and the mix presets add even more variety, from roomy to muffled. And then of course there are the brushes and rod options that also add colour and versatility. 


At last, a VST package that makes Kontakt playable! Drumdrops has done a great job of making Kontakt more drummer-friendly, while adding a heap of features that will delight sound-crafters.

The samples are clean and detailed, delivering a versatile sound palette.

The pack is very playable, with easy MIDI implementation and decent controls over attack, sustain, pitch, velocity curve and articulations.

In short, there are very few shortcomings in thisn offering.  Some may lament the limited number of kit pieces, but that can be overcome with a bit of effort. The absence of ride bell sounds may be a turn-off for some, but again if you have another sample pack, you can run a second instance in Kontakt for that articulation.

It's money well spent if you want to breathe new life into Kontakt and nees some different samples.

Read full review at Calaméo (Pages 38-40).

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