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Beatskillz Retro Hit Review at Music Tech Mag

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Beatskillz Retro Hit is a one stop shop plugin offering easy access to instantly recognisable drum-machine sounds that drove the 80's most bombastic pop hits. Load it up in your DAW and you're presented with 12 pads and sliders, each with individual volume and pan controls, and global controls for reverb, release, pitch and volume. Then it's a matter of selecting one of 50 preset kits, recorded from vintage E-Mu SP12, OB-Mx, LinnDrum and Fairlight machines and then preprocessed through quality pre-amps, compressors and effects. The kits are well curated, and include particularly welcome reverse and percussion variations; plus, the 600 - plus samples are provided as WAV files for use in your sampler of choice, and as dry samples to process. 

Rating: 8/10

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