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W.A. Production Pumper Review at Producer Spot

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W.A Productions offers excellent Samples and Presets packs for the EDM genre.

They have just introduced their new plugin named Pumper, an all around dynamic processor designed to offer you an easy way of beefing up your tracks and applying a stereo image.


Pumper has a simple and straight forward concept with three big knobs, each for Compression, Saturation and Stereo Image. This is basically as intuitive as it gets.

There´s no Ratio, Attack or Threshold to ponder when applying compression.

There are 4 different versatile types of compression (punchy, fat, clean, soft) allowing you to preset depending on what instrument or sound you are applying it to.

Then it’s just a matter of adding more or less compression. There’s nice soft compression, super squashed and everything in between.

This one knob philosophy allows you just choose a setting and mix it in.

This goes for the Saturation knob as well. When you’ll add saturation to a bass will add rich harmonics in the high frequencies all by itself.

They can be fine-tuned in combination as well and offer a lot of different, good sounding possibilities.

If the secrets of stereo imaging and mid/side mixing also elude you, the stereo image knob spreads your beat out quite nicely.

In general, I find this kind of plugin brilliant. It allows you to concentrate on making music and release good sounding tracks without being an expert sound technician.


Pumper is a nice plugin and W:A Productions offer interesting products to give you more time to concentrate on the music.

I won’t be selling my Fabfilters license, though. Still, this plugin is perfect for budding producers who don’t want to over-analyze complicated parameters.

It´s available for about 28€ and this strikes me as a great deal.

Included with your purchase of Pumper is a Serum Dubstep Preset Pack. This is an opportunity to test one of their Packs.

If you own Serum this Pack contains 60 ripping Bass presets that aren´t just interesting for Dubstep producers.

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