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620x320 wavealchemy completedrums pluginboutique %285%29

deal - 75% off 6 Apr - May 4, 2020

Wave Alchemy Complete Drums 2 Sale (Exclusive)

Complete Drums is the culmination of Wave Alchemy’s life-long achievement in being the industry leader in drum sample sound design. Save 75% and buy now for only £99.99 / $99! (Includes over 34,000 incredibly produced and organized 24-bit drum samples!)
620x320 loopmasters khords

deal - 30% off 1 Apr - May 1, 2020

Loopmasters KHORDS Sale

KHORDS: A focused instrument that brings sampled personality and classic character to your productions. With 550 inspirational chord presets at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to get mix-ready tones straight into your tracks.
620x320 izotope cleanupyouraudio fixed pluginboutique

deal - Up To 77% off 2 Apr - May 1, 2020

iZotope Clean Up Your Audio Sale

As seen in post-production houses all over the globe, iZotope's tools are world-renowned for delivering the finest audio quality, featuring industry-first technology for matching dialogue and cleaning up your audio. Save up to 77% off at Plugin Boutique, with prices starting at £25 / $29.
620x320 softube zener2 pluginboutique

deal - 33% off 7 Apr - May 8, 2020

Softube Chandler Limited® Zener Limiter Introductory Sale

Descending from the iconic limiters of Abbey Road Studios, the Chandler Limited® Zener Limiter is a legend in its own right. Get the vibe of vintage hardware in this modern plugin with 33% off for a limited time only.
620x320 softube zener1 pluginboutique

deal - Up To 44% off 7 Apr - May 8, 2020

Softube Chandler Limited® Zener-Bender Introductory Sale

Add colour, character and warmth to your sound with the all-new classic channel strip emulation from Softube, including a native version exclusively for Console 1 users. Save up to 44% for a limited time only.
620x320 hexachordsorbcomposerartist pluginboutique

deal - Up To 59% off25 Mar - April 13, 2020

Hexachords Orb Composer Sale (Exclusive)

Orb Composer S is a creative smart-tool for composers, bands and orchestrators, helping you to experiment with new musical ideas and enhance your creativity. Save up to 60% off the Artist and Pro versions, exclusively at Plugin Boutique.
620x320 izotope post productionreverb pluginboutique

deal - Up To 67% off 2 Apr - May 1, 2020

iZotope Post-Production Reverb Sale

iZotope & Exponential Audio reverbs offer just the right amount of depth and dimension for any post-production job, featuring colourful reverb engines with rich modulation & dynamics. Enhance your post-production toolset today with up to 53% off!
620x320 izotope phoenixverb pluginboutique

deal - 60% off 2 Apr - May 1, 2020

iZotope PhoenixVerb Crossgrade Sale

PhoenixVerb brings clear, lifelike dimension to your mixes. Whether crafting spaces from scratch or using one of over 900 presets, it’s never been easier to create natural, authentic depth for your music. Crossgrade from ANY paid iZotope product for only £34 / $39!
620x320 izotope rx7standard new pluginboutique

deal - 50% off 2 Apr - May 1, 2020

iZotope RX 7 Standard Crossgrade Sale

RX 7 is the industry-standard audio repair tool for musicians and post-production engineers, designed to restore your damaged, noisy audio to pristine condition. Crossgrade to RX 7 Standard from ANY paid iZotope product now for only £171 / $199!
620x320 izotope everythingbundle pluginboutique

deal - 40% off 2 Apr - May 1, 2020

iZotope Everything Bundle Crossgrade Sale

iZotope's mission is to enable creativity for all through intelligent, compelling audio technology. Now you can get every iZotope product for music, post, and creative production, providing absolutely everything you need to start and complete any audio project. Save 40% and crossgrade from ANY iZotope product for a limited time only.
620x320 wa right ascension pluginboutique %281%29

deal - 50% off 2 Apr - May 11, 2020

W.A Production Ascension 1.5 Sale

Ascension is the ultra-powerful dance music workstation with a huge sound library and a vast collection of tried-and-tested, royalty-free MIDI files. With version 1.5, comes a completely new sound browsing experience with industry-standard filters & FX. Save 50% off for a limited time only.
620x320 wa right mixingbundle pluginboutique

deal - 90% off24 Mar - April 27, 2020

W.A Production Mixing Bundle & Upgrade Sale

This comprehensive package includes a dynamic processor, compressor, transient designer, saturator and stereo imager to cover each fundamental stage of your next mixdown. Save 90% off for a limited time only and upgrade from ANY W.A Production plugin for only £11.95 / $15!