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Sale Up To 61% off

AAS Holiday Sale27 Nov - January 22, 2019

Save 50% off the full range of Applied Acoustics groundbreaking audio software including instruments, effects, expansions and bundles for a limited time only.

Other Deals

deal - 57% off18 Jan - February 4, 2019

iZotope O8N2 Bundle Upgrade from ANY Elements Sale

Combining two award-winning product lines for mixing and mastering with new futuristic metering and analysis tools. Upgrade from ANY Elements product and save over 50% off during this exclusive Plugin Boutique sale.

deal - 80% off16 Jan - June 3, 2019

Initial Audio SlowMo Introductory Price

Slow down your mixes, instruments, vocals and even effect channels by 100% in realtime. Playback everything in half-speed with this easy to use effect and buy now for only £7.50 / $9.99.

deal - 50% off16 Jan - February 19, 2019

FXpansion BFD Expansions Sale

A great opportunity for BFD users to augment their BFD installation with more sounds & grooves to suit their style - and to grab a bargain! Save 50% off ALL expansions for a limited time only.

deal - 40% off 4 Jan - January 22, 2019

JST Transify Sale

Get total creative control over the transients in your production today! Transify is a plugin for manipulating the dynamics of your mix. It allows for total creative control of the sustain and transients of your sound! Create tighter low-end or raise the crack of your snare even in a dense mix with just a few knob tweaks.

deal - 30% off 2 Jan - February 4, 2019

Voxengo Sale (Exclusive)

For a limited time only save 30% off 4 fantastic Voxengo plugins exclusively at Plugin Boutique. This month save on Elephant, Gliss EQ, Drumformer and OldSkoolVerb Plus.