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iZotope Everything Bundle Sale 9 Jul - August 1, 2019

The complete collection of award-winning, industry-standard instruments and effects! Save up to 70% off and get everything you need to produce, mix and master your music. (Includes Crossgrade from iZotope Product (Excluding Elements) and an Upgrade from Post Production Suite, Music Production Suite or Creative Suite.

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deal - 65% off11 Jul - July 29, 2019

Stagecraft Glitch Machine Sale (Exclusive)

Glitch Machine gives you precise control over the probability that a stutter will occur at any point in the measure. This gives you many options for augmenting your beats; driving straight repeats, heavy offbeats, or more random and messy glitches are all easily available. Save 65% and buy now for only £14.95 / $19.00.

deal - 50% off17 Jul - July 22, 2019

Organic Loops World Percussion Sale

Get inspired by percussion loops and hits from all around the globe with this fantastic selection of royalty-free sample packs. Save 50% off for a limited time only!

deal - 52% off 1 Jul - August 1, 2019

Plugin Boutique VirtualCZ Expansion Pack: Deep Space Sale

The 'Deep Space' expansion brings you 64 cinematic presets best suited for Sci-Fi sound production as well as genres such as Ambient, Electronica, Drum & Bass, Techno and more.

deal - 95% off20 Jun - August 5, 2019

W.A Production Summer Bundle Sale

Featuring five production-ready plugins, the collection of tools will allow you to compose, compress, saturate and produce your sounds to complete perfection! Save a staggering 95% off and buy now for only £8.95 / $9.99!!

deal - 88% off 1 Jul - August 5, 2019

SoundSpot Analogue Bundle Sale

Two professional plugins to bring a signature analogue sound to your tracks. FireFly is a powerful bus compressor and Overtone is an EQ, featuring a rich character that brings warmth and clarity to your mix or master.