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Have Audio Nordisk Kontrabass Summer Sale02 Jul - August 01, 2021

Superbly performed by a top creative player, Nordisk Kontrabass is great both as a fat, real-sounding upright bass and as a stand-alone compositional tool, capable of delivering beautiful and engaging string harmonies and textures, powerful rhythms and emotive melodies that will make your music stand out.
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Shout Audio Introductory Sale

Shout Audio believes in creativity over precision and simplicity over tweakability, with a focus on supporting underrepresented women and non-binary creators. We welcome them to Plugin Boutique with 40% off BOLD, an instrument packed with sounds by producers Dresage and Bad Snacks. Buy now for only £9 / $9.

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United Plugins Summer Guitar Bundle Sale

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Inphonik RX950 Sale (Exclusive)

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W.A Production Preset Pack Sale

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