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620x320 zynaptiq intensity pluginboutique

deal - 59% off15 Oct - November 1, 2019

Zynaptiq INTENSITY Sale

A new kind of audio processor for mixing, mastering and sound design. INTENSITY brings out a sound’s inherent detail, increases its perceived loudness and density, and adds insane amounts of clarity. Save 60% off for a very limited time only.
620x320 hexachords orbcomposer 30 pluginboutique %281%29

deal - 39% off17 Oct - November 11, 2019

Hexachords Orb Composer Artist S 1.5 Sale (Exclusive)

Compose with an Artificial Intelligence! Orb Composer is a creative tool which you can model very precisely to assist you during your music composition work sessions. Save 33% off the brand new 1.3 update exclusively at Plugin Boutique.
620x320 izotope stutteredit breaktweaker pluginboutique

deal - 89% off17 Oct - November 1, 2019

iZotope Stutter Edit & BreakTweaker Expanded Bundle Sale

The iZotope Stutter Edit & BreakTweaker Expanded bundle offers unlimited drum programming and manipulation possibilities. Combining two of iZotope's award-winning creative tools, this innovative and dynamic package has been compiled to inspire new directions for your drum sound! Save 88% off and buy now for £44.95 / $49!
620x320 izotope trash2 iris2 pluginboutique

deal - 80% off17 Oct - November 1, 2019

iZotope Trash2 & Iris 2 Bundle Sale

Two of iZotope's famed production tools in one unique bundle. With Trash2, distort, mangle and transform your sounds in new, unique ways, whilst developing incredible sounds with the inspiring sample-based synthesizer, Iris 2. Save 80% off and buy now for only £44.95 / $49!
1200x600 izotope music production suite 3 %282%29 %281%29 %281%29

deal - Up To 50% off 3 Oct - November 1, 2019

iZotope Music Production Suite 3 Introductory Sale

Access to over thirty industry-standard plug-ins that interact across your session and provide time-saving assistive features, innovative new workflows, and cutting-edge visual analysis tools. Save up to 50% off during this introductory offer.
620x320 izotope ozone pluginboutique new

deal - Up To 40% off 3 Oct - November 1, 2019

iZotope Ozone 9 Introductory Sale

Ozone 9 brings balance to your music with never-before-seen processing for low end, real-time instrument separation, and lightning-fast workflows powered by machine learning. Learn more about the new features within each version and save up to 40% off for a limited time only.
620x320 izotope tonalbalancebundle pluginboutique

deal - Up To 64% off 3 Oct - November 1, 2019

iZotope Tonal Balance Bundle Introductory Sale

A collection which brings mixing and mastering into one interconnected workflow. Featuring Ozone 9 Advanced, Neutron 3 Advanced, Nectar 3, RX 7 Breath Control & the Celemony Melodyne 4 Essential! Save up to 64% off for a limited time only (Includes a Crossgrade from ANY iZotope product.)
620x320 wavesfactory trackspacer pluginboutique

deal - 30% off16 Oct - November 1, 2019

Wavesfactory TrackSpacer Sale (Exclusive)

Similar to a sidechain compressor, but a thousand times more powerful and transparent. Trackspacer creates space in a mix by carving the frequencies that the main track needs into another track in real-time. Save 30% off exclusively at Plugin Boutique.
620x320 wa babylon pluginboutique

deal - 80% off17 Oct - December 9, 2019

W.A Production Babylon Introductory Sale

With powerful multi-voice oscillators, stereo unison & detuning, high-quality filters, effects and an internal modulation matrix Babylon can stand with the big boy Synths because it’s powerful, but perfectly formed. Save 80% off in this intro sale at Plugin Boutique.
620x320 2ndsense vocalremover pluginboutique %281%29

deal - 60% off17 Oct - November 4, 2019

2nd Sense Audio Vocal Remover Sale (Exclusive)

Though named as Vocal Remover, the plugin is used for removing or extracting sound in a specified direction span from a stereo sound. If you use it to extract the centre vocal sound, it becomes centre vocal extractor. If you use it to remove the guitar sound on the left, it becomes side guitar remover. Available for £14.95 // $19 for a limited time at Plugin Boutique!
620x320 kuassa efektor modulationbundle pluginboutique %282%29

deal - 35% off17 Oct - November 4, 2019

Kuassa EFEKTOR Modulation Bundle Sale (Exclusive)

Following the footsteps of the Efektor Distortion Bundle, the newest addition to the Efektor series Kuassa studied and examined more than 20 models of fabled modulation effects from the 1950s to the last decade. Save 35% at Plugin Boutique for a limited time!
620x320 deviousmachines pitchmonster 25 pluginboutique

deal - 25% off 7 Oct - November 4, 2019

Devious Machines Pitch Monster Introductory Sale

Transform a solo vocal into a beautiful choir or robotic melody; turn a mono synth into an orchestra with the wonders of Pitch Monster! Save 25% off during this introductory offer and buy now for only £59.99