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Vintage Funk Kit

Virtual Instrument by DrumDrops

We all love the 70s Funk era, influenced by many and sampled 1000's of times. Recorded with a 70s sound in mind in a nice tight recording room. With the help of Jan Kincaid's (Brand New Heavies) we sampled his Sonor Hi Lite Drum Kit with a mixture of vintage cymbals and some bonus percussion. The kit was tuned perfectly for a 70s Funk sound. So dig out your wah wah pedal bring out the platform boots and build some perfect funk tunes with this formidable sounding funk kit.

The Kit was recorded at the Ironworks studio in Brighton, UK by Mike Pelanconi. Mike also recorded our 70s Funk drum track album 70s Funk Drops and set this kit up in a similar fashion. 

This kit can be purchased in seven different packs.

The Kontakt Pack comes with the Drumdrops Kontakt Instrument for exclusive use in Native Instruments Kontakt version 5.5 (you will need the full version). The new Drumdrops instrument comes with it's own mixer section giving you control over the individual drum tracks and convolution reverbs that we have included. Each channel has four dynamics to choose from, two delays and two convolution reverbs. You can change the velocity curves of the drums and there is a randomisation feature to add subtle changes to make the drums even more realistic. The Kontakt pack comes with 46 separate articulations, 24 velocity steps and includes 5 round robins. This pack comes loaded with 12806 samples.

The Dual Kit Kontakt Player Pack The Dual Kit Kontakt Player Pack contains not only the Vintage Funk Kit but also the Vintage Disco Kit. Both of the kits in this pack are compatible with the FREE Kontakt Player. (Our Kontakt pack only works with the full version of Kontakt 5.5. Both of the kits contain all the features found in the kontakt 5 packs but they are also completely NKS compliant. 

The BFD Pack is a sampler pack that can be loaded into BFD3, BFD2 or BFD Eco. The BFD pack contains the same samples that our Kontakt 5 Pack offers, meaning that BFD users can enjoy the same realism and quality that our Kontakt 5 users enjoy. It contains 36 articulations and the kit has been recorded in up to 120 velocity steps. You have full control over each drum and once loaded into BFD you can enjoy all the same features that you would expect from any other BFD kit. Once the kit has been recognized by BFD, just simply select your desired kit piece from the list in the same way that you would load any other drum in BFD. The BFD pack also includes 27 palette grooves and 118 Funk MIDI grooves played by Jan Kincaid.

The Multi-Sample pack  provides up to 24 velocity steps of each articulation. Each sample included in this pack is a mix of the overhead, room mics and close mics. This pack comes with patches for Battery 3, Kontakt 5.5, EXS24, Maschine, Geist, Studio One's Impact Soundset, Ableton Drum Rack, iDrum, Reason Refills, TX16Wx and SFZ (which is 1.0 compliant and has been tested with Plogue Sforzando, Cakewalk SFZ and Linux Sampler) but the samples can be used in any drum machine or sampler that reads 24 bit WAV files. We also include 16 bit samples for old school samplers. Some of the software patches (Battery, EXS24, SFZ and Kontakt) also support round robin samples. We have included three round robin samples of each velocity for added realism. The multi-sample pack now includes over 1500 MIDI drum loops covering a variety of genres and over 100 funk loops. This pack is a great choice for those who want multiple velocity articulations. This pack comes with 1709 samples.

The Drum Replacement pack  is our sample replacement pack. This pack comes with three different patches - Slate Trigger V2, Drumagog V5 & V4 and DrumXchanger. Each patch uses different amounts of samples depending on the capability of the software. If you run any of these pieces of software then this pack is for you.

The All Samples pack contains the Multi-sample Pack, the Drum Replacement Pack and all the seperate mic samples from the Kontakt 5 Pack. This pack gives you ultimate flexibility. You get all the patches we create and three different packs of samples. It does not contain our Kontakt instrument which can only be found in the Kontakt pack. In this kit we have also included an SFZ 2.0 compliant patch (courtesy of Kent Dawson) which has been tested with Plogue Sforzando and it uses the seperate mic samples.

The One Shot Sample pack  is our cheapest pack and a great pack for those who either just need one sample from each articulation (drum machine users) and no patches or for customers who want to check out the sound of this kit before purchasing any of the more expensive packs. Ask us nicely and we will knock the price of this pack off other packs for this kit if you upgrade.

Whichever pack you choose you can be reassured that is has the Drumdrops quality stamped all over it. Explore more of these pages to read about the kit and work out which pack is best for you. If you want a vintage funk kit sound then this is a great place to start. If you can't wait to get your hands on these packs then check out our drum tracks album 70s Funk Drops. This drum track album contains 34 70s Funk drum tracks recorded using a similar kit, in the same studio. All the tracks are available to buy as multi-tracks, stem packs and drum loops. 

The Drum Kit - Vintage Funk Kit

The vintage Funk kit was created on a Sonor Hilite Kit which was tuned for the perfect funk sound. It comprises a 22" x 14" Bass Drum, a Sonor Sonorlite 14” x 6.5" Snare Drum, a Sonor Horst Link 14” x 5” Snare,  a 16" x 16" Sonor HiLite Floor Tom, and two Hilite Rack Toms, a 12" x 9" and a 10” x 8”. The cymbals used were Zildjian 14” New Beat Hi-Hats, a Bosphorous Master Series 18” Crash, an 18" Sabian HHX Legacy Crash and a 20” Zildjian K Custom Dark Ride. Percussion for this kit includes cowbells, tambourines and a shaker. We have also included some samples from the digital Clap Trap. Everything you need for a 70s Funk kit.

The Articulations Broken Down

Kick - Sonor Hi Lite Kick Drum:

  • Dimensions - 22" x 14"
  • Articulations - Wood Beater & Felt Beater - Close, Bleed, O/H, Room 1 & 2
  • Multisampling - Up to 28 velocity layers with 5 round robin samples

Snare 1 - Sonor Sonorlite:

  • Dimensions - 14" x 6.5"
  • Articulations - Centre, Edge, Rimshot and Side-stick
  • Multisampling - 24 velocity layers with 5 round robin samples

Snare 2 - Sonor Horst Link Snare:

  • Dimensions - 14" x 5"
  • Articulations - Centre, Edge, Rimshot and Side-stick
  • Multisampling - 24 velocity layers with 5 round robin samples

Hi Hat - Zildjian New Beat Hi-Hats:

  • Dimensions - 14"
  • Articulations - Fully Shut to fully open in 6 stages - centre and edge, Pedal open & closed
  • Multisampling - 12 Velocity layers with 5 round robin samples

Rack Tom 1 - Sonor Hi Lite High Rack Tom:

  • Dimensions - 10" x 8"Articulations - Centre
  • Multisampling - 24 Velocity layers with 5 round robin samples

Rack Tom 2 - Sonor Hi Lite Low Rack Tom:

  • Dimensions - 12" x 9"Articulations - Centre
  • Multisampling - 24 Velocity layers with 5 round robin samples

Floor Tom - Sonor Hi Lite Floor Tom:

  • Dimensions - 16" x 16"
  • Articulations - Centre
  • Multisampling - 24 velocity layers with 5 round robin samples

Crash - Bosphorous Master Series:

  • Dimensions - 18"
  • Articulations - Centre and Edge
  • Multisampling - 10 Velocity layers with 5 round robin samples

Crash - Sabian HHX Legacy Crash:

  • Dimensions - 18"Articulations - Centre and Edge
  • Multisampling - 10 velocity layers with 5 round robin samples

Ride - Zildjian K Custom Dark Ride:

  • Dimensions - 20"
  • Articulations - Centre, Bell, Edge
  • Multisampling - 10 Velocity Layers with 5 round robin samples

The Recording Studio - The Ironworks

Miloco's Ironworks is based in a warehouse building in the vibrant North Laine area of Brighton and is home to Mike Pelanconi, founder of Drumdrops. The sonic design of the live room has been masterminded by the ex-Olympic and Chalk Farm Studios tech Mike Craig, who has 40 years experience in acoustic design and hi-grade audio electronics.

At the centre of the Control Room can be found a rare vintage BBC Tweed console. The outboard racks are full of great gear including a Lang PEQ-2 EQ, a Langevin EQ258A EQ, and a Chiswick Reach stereo valve compressor. The Ironworks is also home to Mike’s vast collection of rare spring reverbs and delay units including a Grampian 636, a Fairchild 659A, an Orban 106C and a Dynachord Echocord Tube Tape Echo amongst others. The monitors are Tannoy Golds and Yamaha NS-10’s and you have a choice whether to record directly to Protools or onto a beautiful Ampex M1200 16 track tape machine.

Ironworks has had some great acts pass through in the time it has been open including Little Roy, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, UNKLE, Manu Chao, Nick Cave and many more.

The Recording Equipment

With such a great warm sounding, rare console at our disposal we recorded the whole kit through Mike’s vintage BBC Class A Tweed console. For the mics we used some classics such as AKG D12, AKG 414's and some newer gems such as the Audix D10 and Sontronics Sigma. All of the drums were recorded without external compression and EQ. The trick to the sound of this kit was all in the tuning of the drums and the heads used.

The Microphones

Kick Out – AKG D12

A large diaphragm, dynamic cardioid mix with a boost in the 60-120 HZ area. Used as a kick drum mic since its invention in the 50's. The D12 was placed a couple of inches away from the outside the front skin of the kick drum, towards the top right hand corner of the drum.

Snare Top – Rode M1

The Rode M1 is a handheld dynamic microphone, very similar to the Shure SM57. It features a slightly warmer response than the SM57 however and was a great choice for the top of the snare drum. The mic was placed an inch above the rim of the snare, pointing towards the centre of the drum.

Snare Bottom – Shure SM57

The legendary SM57 is an industry-standard cardioid dynamic microphone and is probably one of the most versatile microphones in a studios sonic arsenal. These microphones are commonly used for recording vocals, guitars and snare drums. The mic was placed an inch below the bottom rim of the snare, pointing towards the centre of the drum.

Hi Hat – Beyer Dynamic M201

The AKG 414 is a studio standard and one of the best-known reference condenser microphones for recording use. Probably the most popular of AKG's condenser microphones, it was first introduced in 1971 as the "C 414 comb". This mic was placed a couple of inches above the hi hat, pointing directly at the bow of the hi hat.

Toms – Audix F10

The F10 is a dynamic instrument microphone designed for live and studio applications. Characterised with a tailored frequency response between 50Hz – 12 kHz, the F10 is ideally suited for recording instruments that require mid-bass and mid high reproduction, such as Floor and Rack Toms. These mics were placed an inch above the rim of the tom, pointing towards the centre of the drum.

Overheads - AKG 414's

The AKG 414 is a studio standard and one of the best-known reference condenser microphones for recording use. Probably the most popular of AKG's condenser microphones, it was first introduced in 1971 as the "C 414 comb". These were placed in an X-Y configuration, roughly 3 feet above the kit, between the snare and high rack tom.

Room Mic 1 – Sontronics Sigma Ribbon Microphone

Ribbon mics are renowned for their smooth, uncoloured characteristics and the Sontronics Sigma’s are no different. They have a high sensitivity and low shelf-noise that makes them perfect for recording the quieter velocities. This mic was placed roughly 3 feet from the front of the kick drum, pointing towards the centre of the kick.

Room Mic 2 – Neumann U87

Built as a condenser version of the U67 in the 60's, the U87 has been used on more or less every record made since. They are as versatile as any other microphone you can buy. This mic was placed roughly 3 feet from the font of the kit in-line with, and pointing towards the drummers head.

The Spec Breakdown

  • Kick - AKG D12 - BBC Tweed Console 
  • Snare Top - Rode M1 - BBC Tweed Console (Mic Pre / Outboard)
  • Snare Bottom - Shure SM57 - BBC Tweed Console (Mic Pre / Outboard)
  • Hi-Hat - Beyer Dynamic M201 - BBC Tweed Console (Mic Pre / Outboard)
  • High Rack Tom - Audix F10 - BBC Tweed Console (Mic Pre / Outboard)
  • Low Rack Tom - Audix F10 - BBC Tweed Console (Mic Pre / Outboard)
  • Floor Tom - Audix F10 - BBC Tweed Console (Mic Pre / Outboard)
  • Overheads - AKG C414's - BBC Tweed Console (Mic Pre / Outboard)
  • Room 1 - Sontronics Sigma Ribbon - BBC Tweed Console (Mic Pre / Outboard)
  • Room 2    Neumann U87    BBC Tweed Console

The Drummer - Jan Kincaid

Revered as a "pioneer" of the London acid jazz scene, Jan Kincaid started out in the mid-eighties, and, throughout his career he has managed to translate his love of 1970s funk grooves into a distinct and contemporary sound, one accessible to both fellow musicians and audiences at large.

After building up a reputation and following on the London club scene the Brand New Heavies released their self-titled debut album on record label Acid Jazz. The Heavies soon hooked up with LA based Delicious Vinyl who at the time was the hottest Hip Hop label on the west coast. With the addition of singer N’Dea Davenport, the group re-recorded and released The Brand New Heavies for the U.S., and singles "Dream Come True," "Stay This Way" and "Never Stop" became hits on both sides of the Atlantic.

Following this success The Brand New Heavies appeared in New York City with Q-Tip and MC Serch of 3rd Bass at a show, which served as the inspiration to incorporate hip-hop elements into their sound. This led them to their next conquest: Heavy Rhyme Experience, Vol. 1. Released in 1992, Heavy Rhyme Experience, Vol. 1 received widespread critical acclaim, and featured guest vocals from legendary hip-hop MCs such as Main Source, Guru from Gang Starr, The Pharcyde, Grand Puba, and Masta Ace, amongst others.

Since then staying true to his funky roots and many recording sessions later we managed to get Jan down to the Drumdrops HQ with his entire drum, snare, cymbal and percussion collection.

Jan's Fat and Funky vibe is all over this release. recorded in true 70s style at the Drumdrops HQ featuring Jan's favourite recording drum kit, snares, cymbals and percussion.

The Engineer - Mike Pelanconi

Mike Pelanconi, better known under his record name Prince Fatty, is a British sound engineer and record producer. He has worked with a diverse repertoire of artists and producers from Acid Jazz and Delicious Vinyl to Lily Allen, Manu Chao and Graham Coxon (Blur). His reggae work with veteran artists including Gregory Isaacs, Dub Syndicate, Big Youth and Alcapone has brought him world wide recognition.

Mike has released three solo albums under Prince Fatty banner and produced highly acclaimed albums for Hollie Cook, the Little Roy Battle For Seattle album of Nirvana reggae covers and London band The Skints. A fanatical sound man with a huge collection of reggae records and expert in vintage recording techniques.

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