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MAAT LINearise & LINSurround

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      The LIN Family

      LINearise stereo and LINSurround multichannel for redithering…the missing links between distortion and definition.

      Your Sound, Your Way

      Sharing the same user interface, MAAT’s two channel LINearise and multichannel LINSurround are the final link between production and delivery. Offering optional word length reduction and three dither spectra tailored to both analog and digital delivery of assets, LIN is highly adjustable to help create your own signature “sound.” In addition to TPD and weighted TPD, LINearise and LINSurround feature VPD™, Variable Probability Density, an exclusive feature that allows you to dial in the dither spectrum anywhere between rectangular and Gaussian distribution.

      Rounding performs fundamental linearization, what can be thought of as very low amplitude distortion reduction, by representing all former least significant bits with one single LSB in the resulting word length–reduced version. On the other hand, truncation does not preserve any of that low amplitude information. Instead, it’s just thrown away. LINEarise is one of the only redithering products available that offers a choice between rounding and truncation.

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