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Synth by 2nd Sense Audio

'2nd Sense Audio came out of nowhere and brought with it a great synth. The design is authentic modern and round.'
Beat Magazine. Number 1 German music production publication.
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'A truly remarkable synth bursting with life and movement.'
Computer Music. Music production publication which is part of Future Publishing.
'A superior software synth that sounds as incredible as it looks with a price tag that will make your jaw hit the ground. '
Ask Audio Mag. Daily resource covering the latest news, reviews, tutorials and interviews for digital music makers, by digital music makers.

Expressive Sound

4 powerful sound generators allow you to directly manipulate and automate the wavetable. Together with waveshaping, phase distortion and randomization tools, creating expressive sounds is effortless.

Flexible Modulations

8 free drawing LFO/Envelope and 4 specialized modulators can be drag-and-drop to control most of the synth parameters. Another 8 step-based modulators are also at your disposal.

Powerful Morphing

Most of Wiggle’s parameters can be captured as a “snapshot”. You can take up to 4 snapshots of the sound you’re working on and morph between them smoothly, either manually or automatically. It’s up to you to create subtle timbre variations or drastic transformation of sounds.

Intuitive FM

The color-coded FM Matrix clearly shows the modulator/carrier relationship. All the parameters on the matrix can be modulated. It’s easy to add complexity and character to the sound.

Versatile Sequencer

Wiggle’s step sequencer offers you detailed controls to arrange both musical and modulation patterns. The resulting musical pattern can be dragged into your DAW.

Convenient Sampling

Wiggle’s internal recording function allows you to quickly capture your sonic experimentation and drag the audio file to your DAW or desktop for further editing and archiving.

Main Features:

  • Control points – WIGGLE has 4 operators. Each operator's wavetable can be dynamically customized by its 4 control points. Each control point has its independent built-in LFO. These build the basic characters of a sound.

Other synthesis possibilities – Free-drawing PD (Phase Distortion) curve, FM (Frequency Modulation) and Morphing offer deep sonic potentials.

  • Color coded FM Matrix – The FM Matrix indicates the modulator/carrier relationship between the operators using color coded knobs
  • Modulations – 8 free drawing LFO/Envelope, 8 step-based and 4 specialized modulators can be drag-and-droped onto most of the synth parameters
  • Morph pad – Morphing between 4 variations of a preset captured on the Morph Pad multiplies the degree of sonic expressiveness. A user can also draw an arbitrary path to automate the morph process
  • Built-in effects – 7 built-in effects can also be modulated and make a WIGGLE sound more interesting. 4 Operators could go through duo multi-mode filter parallel
  • Step sequencer – The sequencer offers a user precise control over each step for creating musical pattern with human feel. The resulting sequence can be dragged out as a MIDI file
  • Built-in recorder – A simple built-in recorder helps a user quickly sample a sound tweaking process. The resulting audio can be dragged out as a wave file
  • Retina ready – High resolution images of the user interface are prepared for better viewing experience on retina displays
  • Interactive guide – A short interactive tutorial walks the user through the basic functions of WIGGLE upon its first launch
  • Compatibility – VST, AU, AAX, Standalone, Windows/Mac OS X, 32/64-bit supported

Artist behind WIGGLE

Jason Hou: Musician & Co-Producer of WIGGLE

As Alan Watts says, "The world is a marvelous system of wiggles." It has always been a challenge for electronic musicians to sufficiently reflect the wiggly nature of sound and human emotion with limited tools in the digital realm.

We take up the challenge with WIGGLE. It‘s designed to assist musicians in crafting lively, intriguing sounds with its distinctive synthesis engine and intuitive user interface.

Be adventurous and happy wiggling.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7+ (Including Windows 7, 8, & 10)
  • Mac OS X 10.6+ (Including Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 & 10.11)

Plugin Requirements:

  • Any VST 2.4 (32/64 bit) compatible DAW
  • Any AU (32/64 bit) compatible DAW
  • Any AAX (32/64 bit) compatible Pro Tools (Including Pro Tools 10, 11 & 12)

Please note: You can install WIGGLE on up to 3x different computers.


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