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Lap Harp

Kontakt Instrument by Cinematique Instruments

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The Instrument

The Lap Harp is a music instrument from eastern Europe also known as 'Perepyolochka' in Cyrillic, which literally translates to „Little Quail“. Due to its easy playability, it is popular with musical beginners.

In nature, it has 15 diatonically tuned strings, which are often in the key of G major. In the Kontakt patch, you can play it chromatic and well-tempered.

The Engine

Cinematique Instruments recorded the Lap Harp with 3 Articulations, 4 Round Robins and 2 Velocities at a quiet, low volume. For the articulations, they chose a plectrum, the fleshy side of a thumb and a piano hammer.

As a microphone, they chose a Schoeps condenser and positioned it pretty close to the strings in order to get a direct and detailed sound. 

As an additional gimmick, they implanted a Glissando and a Tremolo function via the script, which affects the midi behaviour and enables you to get a step closer to the natural playability of the real instrument.

Furthermore, they added several effects such as the control of reverb, delay, lo-& hi-cut, chorus, octave and rotary, which expands the entire sound of the Lap Harp and gives you some further options to kick-start your creative process.

All in all we came out with an instrument which enriches your music with a nice and organic feel whether you used it as a solo or just as a background instrument.

The Package

One complex patch including 34 sound sources and over 50 presets. Approx. data 0.4 GB compressed data. For more details please read the reference manual. Kontakt 5.6.8 FULL version or higher is required!

System Requirements

  • Approx. data 0.4 GB compressed data
  • Kontakt 5.6.8 Full version is required

Note: The full version of Kontakt 5.6.8 or later is required to run this software.

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