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FXpansion Geist2 Expansions Bundle (Exclusive)

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The Geist2 Expanders Collection

Limited Time Bundle Offer Ends 30th September 2020

Expand your copy of Geist2 with an exclusive collection of the best Geist2 expanders, featuring trash & acoustic percussion, claps, snares, kicks and much more.

Important Note: FXpansion Geist 2 is required in order to use these expansions.

Geist Expander: Trash Percussion

The concept behind Geist Expander: Trash Percussion was to create an experimental collection of sounds by sonically recycling everyday household items. Captured in their raw form and in a variety of performances, these sampled items include crisp packets, waste bins, water drips, zips, teapots, rulers, car doors, saws, drills, glass bottles/vases and more! Odd and unique, suitable for any genre, swap out some traditional percussion sounds and add new creativity to your beatmaking.


  • 12 Box hits
  • 52 Foley hits
  • 15 Glass hits
  • 85 Metal hits
  • 31 Plastic hits
  • 11 Shaken hits
  • 27 Tool hits
  • 18 Wood hits
  • 5 Kit presets

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FXpansion Expander: Essential Snares & Claps

If you need to boost your collection of snare, clap and rim sounds look no further. Here you’ll find a wide variety of sounds to cover all genres; including dusty and brushed acoustic snares with rolls and drags, raw snare-less samples, tight and fat rims, electronic and digital hits and a whole host of on-point claps. Extend your beat vocabulary with this essential toolkit of one-shots and fill in those missing gaps to take your groove programming to the next level.


  • Snares & Claps
  • 29 Acoustic Snares
  • 15 Brushed Snares
  • 50 Claps
  • 19 Drags, Rolls & Flams
  • 24 Dusty Snares
  • 29 Electronic Snares
  • 11 “No Snares”
  • 38 Reverbed Snares
  • 30 Rimshots
  • 5 Geist2 Kit Presets

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Geist Expander: Essential Kicks

Boost your collection of bass drum sounds with this diverse collection of kicks designed to slot right into your mix whatever the genre. Whether you’re looking for deep and punchy electronic sounds, dusty analogue subs, subtle acoustic strikes or clean and classic drum machine hits, we have you covered. Add extra weight to your rhythmic arsenal and take your beats to the next level.


  • A collection of electronic and acoustic kicks
  • 44 Acoustic Kicks
  • 25 Analogue Kicks
  • 40 Drum Machine Kicks
  • 25 Dusty Kicks
  • 42 Electronic Kicks
  • 41 Processed Kicks
  • 26 Sub Kicks
  • 5 Geist2 Kit presets

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Geist Expander: Acoustic Percussion

Bring your compositions to life with this pack of carefully crafted authentic percussion sounds to add extra depth and texture to your tracks, whatever the genre. Here you’ll find a vast range of material to work with; high pitched shaker sounds to help your grooves breathe, metallic elements such as cowbells and triangles to cut through your mix, or one of the plethora of ethnic drum hits to help you break from your stock beats.


  • Latin, Cuban and African percussion hits and loops
  • 53 Shaken Hits including a variety of shakers, cabasas, maracas, rainsticks and tambourines
  • 87 Struck Hits including African drums, agogo, bongo, cajon, djembe, conga, cowbell, darbuka, guiro, hide drum, frame drum, triangle and udu
  • 100 Percussion Loops
  • 5 Geist2 Kit presets

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Geist Expander: Essential Percussion

Ensure you’re packing the latest and freshest percussion content with this Geist expander, featuring a range of hits from a variety of sources. Choose from organic traditional percussion instruments, human beatboxing and abstract electronics - this selection of sounds is ideal for any genre or style. Add extra groove to your rhythms and breathe life into your productions with this diverse but polished sample set.


  • 40 Electronic hits
  • 34 Metal hits
  • 25 Miscellaneous hits
  • 18 Mouth hits
  • 48 Shaken hits
  • 49 Skinned hits
  • 29 Wooden hits
  • 5 Kit presets

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Geist Expander: Analogue FX

With influences ranging from productions of the Radiophonic Workshop through to modern sound design and dance production, Geist Expander: Analogue FX is the perfect collection of synthesized effects for any genre. Paying respect to classic analogue mono, poly and modular synths from the 1970s and 1980s, this expansion includes sounds from the Roland Juno 106 & SH101, Korg MS20, Yamaha CS-5 and vintage Moog synthsizers, as well as various modular units. Take your productions into the space age with this rich collection of sounds.


  • 12 Filter Sweep hits
  • 30 Hits & Stabs
  • 67 Misc hits
  • 49 Noise hits
  • 7 Pitched hits
  • 15 Ring Mod hits
  • 30 Riser & Drop hits
  • 40 Zap & Laser hits
  • 5 Kit presets

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Geist Expander: Acoustic Breakbeat

Drum breaks sampled from classic early soul records have been the backbone of the rhythm section from early hip hop through to drum & bass, breaks, and big beat. Geist Expander: Acoustic Breakbeat contains a wide range of single hits and loops to add that authentic old-school drum sound to your productions. From crispy vinyl crackle to a wide range of crunchy drum hits and loops with natural-sounding roominess, this collection will breathe life into your beats.


  • 9 Bass hits
  • 10 Clap hits
  • 20 Cymbal hits
  • 12 FX hits
  • 29 Hi Hat hits
  • 25 Kick hits
  • 47 Percussion hits
  • 30 Snare hits
  • 10 Stab hits
  • 20 Tom hits
  • 40 Rhythmic loops
  • 5 Kit presets

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Geist Expander: Modular Drums

Geist Expander: Modular Drums is a set of percussive content that takes advantage of the complex, diverse and often unpredictable nature of modular synthesis. Modular synthesis is more popular than ever. Featuring unique timbre and versatility, this expander captures a wonderful collection of unorthodox sounds, all generated from a real hardware modular setup, perfect for creating metallic and unusual rhythmic content. From sizzling cymbals and warped FX through to a wide range of chirpy percussion, get the modular sound without the expense with Geist Expander: Modular Drums.


  • 16 Cymbal hits
  • 19 FX hits
  • 48 Hi Hat hits
  • 40 Kick hits
  • 25 Misc hits
  • 55 Percussion hits
  • 40 Snare hits
  • 15 Tom hits
  • 5 Kit presets

Learn more about Geist Expander: Modular Drums.

Geist Expander: x0x Boxes

The sounds of these drum machines and bass synthesizers, first produced in the 1980s, paved the way for a revolution in dance music; from early hip-hop, through the advent of techno and into modern R’n’B and trap. Geist Expander: x0x Boxes is ideal for any electronic music production. This content can be used either as the backbone of a layered drum track or standing alone as the core rhythmic heart of your productions. This collection of classic drum hits have well and truly stood the test of time and will no doubt continue to do so. Essential!


  • 10 Bass hits
  • 14 Clap hits
  • 22 Cymbal hits
  • 33 Hi Hat hits
  • 32 Kick hits
  • 30 Perc hits
  • 8 Rimshot hits
  • 28 Snare hits
  • 24 Tom hits
  • 35 Rhythmic loops
  • 15 Melodic loops
  • 5 Kit presets

Learn more about Geist Expander: x0x Boxes.

Geist Expander: Circuit Bent

From warped toys to bit-reduced drum machines, this Geist Expander contains a collection of distorted and quirky content rich in digital artefacts. Add an abrasive edge to your creations and supplement your drum tracks with this range of unusual but inspiring content created from the rewired guts of the original hardware. Whether noisy and lo-fi productions are your thing, or you’re simply looking to add a bit of an edge to your next track, look no further than Geist Expander: Circuit Bent.


  • 5 Bass hits
  • 20 Clap hits
  • 20 Cymbal hits
  • 15 FX hits
  • 24 Glitch hits
  • 39 Hi Hat hits
  • 23 Kick hits
  • 21 Percussion hits
  • 25 Snare hits
  • 20 Tom hits
  • 35 Rhythmic loops
  • 17 Misc loops
  • 5 Kit presets

Learn more about Geist Expander: Circuit Bent.

System Requirements

Important Note: FXpansion Geist 2 is required in order to use these expansions.

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