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KLANG Kontakt Instrument Bundle (Exclusive)

Inst Bundle by KLANG

KLANG is a series of virtual instruments made by a Cologne-based team of musicians, composers and sound designers. These instruments cover a wide range of approaches, including previously unpublished instruments, unusual sound experiments and random products while trying to emerge new sounds. Included in this bundle are all 32 of their unique Kontakt instruments from their DRUMBOX, FREEZE, SYMPHONIC and TAPED collections.

Without the introduction and existence of drum computers and sample-based rhythm sequencers, electronic music as we know it today would never have been possible. It influences and determines the understanding and working method of these genres in a significant way.

KLANG DRUMBOX is a homage to the history of this music and an attempt to express KLANG's love and passion for vintage drum computers and sample-based music production.

DRUMBOX: 80ies Machine

Dig out your headbands, we’re going back to the ’80s. Inspired by nostalgic feelings KLANG resampled some of the most iconic drum boxes of the disco genre and processed them in the typical manner of the time. Warm-up your legs before trying out this instrument, because it’s going to be danceable.

Learn more about DRUMBOX: 80ies Machine.

DRUMBOX: Bambu Bambu

Lately, KLANG been experimenting a lot with really old samba vinyl samples and found some extremely danceable rhythms. Combined with a unique set of percussion samples that KLANG created, the Bambumbambu Kit was born. Have Fun jamming to these Lo-fi gems.

Learn more about DRUMBOX: Bambu Bambu.

DRUMBOX: Broken Piano

For the Cinimatique Instruments: Deconstructed Piano the KLANG team disassembled a piano to its soundboard and played, hit, stroked and destroyed it with a wide range of tools. In this DRUMBOX they extracted some percussive sounds and combined them with KLANG's sequencer, revealing an unusual perspective of piano sounds.

Learn more about DRUMBOX: Broken Piano.

DRUMBOX: Krautrock Machine

Cologne and Düsseldorf can be regarded as the centre of German Krautrock music. So KLANG thought that as a Cologne software company, they should create an instrument to honour the great musical heritage of the city of Cologne!

Learn more about DRUMBOX: Krautrock Machine.

DRUMBOX: Vinyl Drums

A hip-hop inspired DRUMBOX truly celebrating the sound characteristics of vinyl sampling. With its roughly compressed sounds, it's the perfect kick-start for inspiration for your productions.

Learn more about DRUMBOX: Vinyl Drums.

KLANG love shaping new sounds by freezing reverb tales and by stretching any sound source to infinity. They have done this with the FREEZE collection in order to create hauntingly beautiful pads, ambiences or even completely abstract rhythmical instruments. The instruments here in this category were also created using various unique effects and modular systems.

FREEZE: Air Piano

Air Piano consists of an upright piano which was played with damped strings and the sustain pedal on to create a characteristic sound. Damped piano strings are a quite famous playing technique in contemporary music. But KLANG tried to achieve a sound which is more suitable for modern pop and hip-hop music.

Learn more about FREEZE: Air Piano.

FREEZE: Crystalline Noise

Crystalline Noise is a shiny, crystal-like sound. KLANG sent a piano through various granular and bitcrusher engines, to create this dispersing, fragile and moving sound. A pad with great depth and character. In the engine, you can control the complexity of the main sound, a lowpass filter and add a nice crushed sound. In addition to that, you can turn on a Slow Attack, Distortion, Delay and Reverb.

Learn more about FREEZE: Crystalline Noise.


Drowning in the endless possibilities of manipulating sounds, KLANG kept on searching for more and more ways to create bubbly artefacts from different sound sources. After trying out lots of different things, they finally found something that actually feels like drowning but somehow still expresses a shiny beauty.

Learn more about FREEZE: Drown.

FREEZE: Dusted Home

It all started with an experiment in a modular system, manipulating the self-oscillation of a delay with a filter. Result of this experiment is a dystopian sounding pad sound with lots of movement.

Dusted Home contains a balance knob to control the mix between the two layers, a knob to control the amount of a tremolo and a tone knob. You can further shape the sound with phaser, Lo-Fi, delay and reverb controls.

Learn more about FREEZE: Dusted Home.

FREEZE: Infinite Blur

By sending an orchestra through a vocoder and resampling reverb tails, KLANG took a selection of analogue sound sources and re-synthesized them. Combined with a wobbly synth and a crazy tremolo an interesting hybrid between analogue warmness and digital glitchiness was created.

Infinite Blur contains a balance knob to control the mix between the sound sources, a knob to control the amount of a tremolo (which is switchable between a random and a triangle wave) and at a tone knob which is linkable to the mod wheel. You can further shape the sound with chorus, distortion, delay and reverb.

Learn more about FREEZE: Infinite Blur.

FREEZE: Reverbception

Perceiving the heavenly clean character of guitar harmonics, KLANG wondered how it would sound when strongly reverberated. With a long attack, KLANG produced a pad sound as heavenly as they expected. Enriched for versatility with a rhodes and reverberated stutter layers KLANG reached for the sky with the sound of this instrument.

Learn more about FREEZE: Reverbception.

FREEZE: Reverberated Strings

Very often KLANG thinks about what would sound like if you were just playing the reverb of an instrument... So KLANG did! They played some of their nice string instruments and isolated the reverb tail. The result is a warm and deep pad.

Learn more about FREEZE: Reverberated Strings.

FREEZE: Silver Lining

Whenever you play a Spieluhr (aka music box), you'll be surprised how fine, pure and present the sound of it is. The only pity is that the sound is so short and does not resonate any longer. So KLANG set out to build a Soileuhr sound that sustains much longer.

KLANG gathered some different Spieluhren and processed them heavily and vigorously. They layered, froze and even stretched them as far as they could. The result is a KLANG instrument full of grace - one part clouds and one part Spieluhr.

Learn more about FREEZE: Silver Lining.

FREEZE: Tranquil Meadow

This time KLANG layered several granulated sound sources asynchronously and created an instrument completely focused on sound design. This instrument has an unstable but lovely pad sound as the base and a second layer to bring chaos and darkness.

Tranquil Meadow contains a Darkness knob to control the mix between the two layers, a knob to control the amount of a quite fast tremolo and a tone knob. You can further shape the sound with chorus, distortion, delay and reverb.

Learn more about FREEZE: Tranquil Meadow.

KLANG's SYMPHONIC range consists of orchestral instruments like violins, flutes, french horns and other instruments. KLANG tried to capture recordings of these familiar instruments from rather different perspectives, like playing with special and uncommon articulations or sending through various modular effects and much more.

SYMPHONIC: Black Wood Flow

The aim with this instrument was, to create a very soft, silent and gentle clarinet sound.

KLANG recorded it, and called it Black Wood Flow and put it into the KLANG Engine. A very pure and flowing sound.

Learn more about SYMPHONIC: Black Wood Flow.

SYMPHONIC: Gambastard

This instrument fills up the low-end of your symphonic range. It consists of several low-register string instruments, like Double Bass and Viola da Gamba, which were played with mallets instead of typical bows. This creates a characteristic and deep sound in the lower octaves that you are able to control in the engine.

Learn more about SYMPHONIC: Gambastard.

SYMPHONIC: Hammered Violin

In KLANG’s recording room they have a lot of xylophone mallets and old broken piano hammers lying around. KLANG wanted to create a different type of violin sound, so they played a violin with a piano hammer and a xylophone mallet instead of the typical bow. They ended up with a unique violin sound. Additionally, they programmed a sequencer so that you can easily play rhythmic patterns in any way you like.

Learn more about SYMPHONIC: Hammered Violin.

SYMPHONIC: Raising Strings

For this instrument, KLANG sent a Pizzicato Solo Violin and a hammered Viola da Gamba through various delay effects to create a rhythmic pattern which is tempo-synced. The other sound source is a digitally down-tuned, legato, violin patch which was also sent through various modulating effects.

You can easily blend those two patches into each other, by controlling two of the three main controllers. The middle one changes the overall tone. Additionally, you have LoFi, distortion, delay and 9 different reverb types.

Learn more about SYMPHONIC: Raising Strings.

SYMPHONIC: Skyline Strings

KLANG wondered what it would sound like if they sent a violin through a vocoder. Well, they did it and here is the result.

Learn more about SYMPHONIC: Skyline Strings.

KLANG love tape sounds. So the TAPED collection of instruments are all about the inspiring potential of the nostalgic feelings around tape. Listening to radio plays before sleeping as a child, recording demo tracks on a four-track.

Bringing back the warmness and imperfection with saturation, wow & flutter by playing instruments through all kind of tape gear and experimenting with it. TAPED is a nostalgic journey emphasizing the beauty of imperfection.

TAPED: Cassette Kalimba

The KLANG team noticed that this old cassette radio laying around in the corner of their studio had a recording function. With no time to waste, they fed it with a kalimba and a xylophone to offer a mix between wood and metal. Completed with a decay layer KLANG got the warm percussive tape sounds they aimed for.

Learn more about TAPED: Cassette Kalimba.

TAPED: Echolette Choir

One can achieve so many sounds from an old Tube Tape Delay, that were not originally intended. So KLANG sent various sound sources through an old tape delay, turned the feedback knob to insane and let the machine sing in self-oscillation and captured some beautiful moments. You can now hear the old tube’s distortion which is wonderfully warm and organic.

Learn more about TAPED: Echolette Choir.

TAPED: Sonic Wastelands

Wandering through wastelands is something not many of us have done, but the feeling of it seems strangely familiar. Kind of like the feeling of a somewhat lonely late-night studio session. Sonic Wasteland was created in such a setting whilst recording guitar harmonics and then sending these sounds through an old tape machine and adding a vintage Glockenspiel and a resonance-pad.

Learn more about TAPED: Sonic Wastelands.

TAPED: Spiel Uher

KLANG recorded a Spieluhr and sent it through an old Uher Tape Machine and created Spiel Uher as result. It contains options to control length, tone and a Lo-Fi effect. Additionally, you can activate an ensemble function, distortion, delay and reverb.

Learn more about TAPED: Spiel Uher.

TAPED: Swayed Keys

KLANG wanted more metal in their tape collection. So they send a Rhodes through tape hardware to create a warm and fluttering tape sound. In order to enrich the sound, KLANG layered a grainy processed vibraphone sound.

Swayed Keys contains a balance knob to control the amount of the grainy layers which is linkable to the modwheel, a knob to control the amount of a tremolo and a tone knob. You can further shape the sound with phaser, distortion, delay and reverb controls.

Learn more about TAPED: Swayed Keys.

TAPED: Taped Flute

When you think of a flute, elegant, clear tones might be the first thing that comes to mind. Detaching themselves from this, KLANG recorded a flute through an analogue tape delay while changing settings as the recording went on. Combining a calm and a noisy layer KLANG created a unique sound that they call Taped Flute.

Learn more about TAPED: Taped Flute.

There is hardly any other category of instruments that has more instruments and sounds than vintage synthesizers. That's why it was a great pleasure and at the same time an obligation for KLANG to show what their approach to these old treasures is and the way in which they implement them.

VINTAGE SYNTH: Aetherophone

The Aetherophone, better known as the Theremin, was developed early in the 20th century but unfortunately, it hasn't yet made a lasting impression in the music of the last century! So KLANG thought it would be good to celebrate the Aetherophone once again

The Aetherophoen consists of 2 sounds: a wobbling modulated Aerophone sound called Geist and the typical brightness of the outer-space glide.

Learn more about VINTAGE SYNTH: Aetherophone.


This deep trinity is a wonderful mixture of three of the most classic bass synthesizers ever built. The Minimoog, the Prophet 5 and the bass drum sound of the TR 808.

You could probably create hundreds of variations of this mix, but KLANG have limited themselves and taken one sound from each of these classic synths and exported the best single instrument as a result.

Learn more about VINTAGE SYNTH: Deep Trinity.


'Easy Life' is simple and it is a 1 sample synthesizer. This single sound comes from an EMS VCS3 and sounds absolutely special. To make it even more fun, KLANG added a simple arpeggiator that plays the sounds randomly in a wild mix.

Learn more about VINTAGE SYNTH: Easy Life.


Of course there are 1000's of different Fender Rhodes Mark I sounds, but that hasn't stopped KLANG from creating four new interpretations of this glorious electric piano.

KLANG's goal is not to reproduce a natural sound, but create sounds that inspire. So KLANG have patched the electric piano through their wall of modular electronics, coated the signal with a soft saturation made by tape machines and resynthesized it. Here is the result - 4 new variations.

Learn more about VINTAGE SYNTH: King Mark I.


'Warm Strings' is a category of its own so KLANG made a sound out of it.

They took the sounds of super-skilled synthesizers like the Yamaha CS-60, the Juno 60 and other analogue synthesizers and made a huge string patch that sounds like infinity. Then they added a few filters, phasers and other little things until the ultimate velvet sound was ready.

Learn more about VINTAGE SYNTH: Velvet Blend.


Landscape is an instrument that easily creates deeply woven, dynamic ambiences and drones. Equipped with seven layered sounds and eight effects Landscape can be used either as a self-running drone generator or as a playable instrument.

Landscape is based around seven sound slots, which can be loaded with various sounds. Five of these slots feature an assortment of waveforms (sine waves, flirring sound, warmness and fragile sax), one is dedicated to noise and rumbling, and the last one can generate waterdrops or atomic blips using random intervals.

Each of them is equipped with an individual type of filter as well as a speed adjustable automation to ensure that you get endless sounding ambiences that never repeat themselves.

Learn more about Landscape.

Neon Tube Buzz

It's always amazing how musical ordinary electronic household objects can sound. For example, the sonorous buzz of a neon lamp can give you a relaxed, warm feeling. So KLANG recorded the hum and buzz of a neon lamp in a basement, put a filter on it, edited it and combined it with some other sounds to create this deep pad.

Learn more about Neon Tube Buzz.

Debussy Freeze

What does it sound like when you are sitting in a concert hall listening to an orchestra while time freezes?

KLANG wanted to find out so they took one of their orchestral recordings of Claude Debussy and stretched it a few hours. The result is 2 different sounds with which you can play beautiful trance patterns among others.

Learn more about Debussy Freeze.

System Requirements

  • The FULL version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.6.8 or higher is required.

Any references to any brands on this site/page, including reference to brands and instruments, are provided for description purposes only. For example references to instrument brands are provided to describe the sound of the instrument and/or the instrument used in the sample. Plugin Boutique do not have (nor do they claim) any association with or endorsement by these brands. Any goodwill attached to those brands rest with the brand owner. Plugin Boutique or its Suppliers do not accept any liability in relation to the content of the product or the accuracy of the description. "RHODES" is a registered trademark of Joseph A Brandstetter.

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