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Flanger by denise

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"The space invader offers some very unique and trippy flanger sounds for designing different timbres using precise options like the stereo split and polarity flip. I've used it on drums and hypnotic arps."
. DJ / Producer
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"Usually I never use a flanger in my productions but I fell in love with the denise Space Invader. The waveform selection and the sync make everything more fun. I'm using it a lot on cymbals to give them more movement."
. DJ / Producer

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Fresh and creative flanging. Be a space invader and start your jet engine!


  • Control the groove: create tempo synced flanging effects that rhythmically lock to your track.
  • Extremely easy to create precisely timed risers and built-ups that span multiple bars.
  • Re-trigger the effect to create any flanging rhythm you like even on of-the-grid recordings.
  • Introduce analog flutter and a 90 degrees phase offset for a wide stereo effect that throws you back to the 60's

The denise Space Invader is a versatile flanger you can sync to your host project, allowing you to to create rhythmical host-synced flanging effects or precisely timed risers that span multiple bars. When in sync-mode you can set the flanging speed from 1/32-bar to 32-bars, including strange, triplet and dotted feel. When not in sync mode you can set the flanging speed in hertz and use the trigger-button to reset the flanger’s internal lfo, allowing you to control the flanger’s start point using automation. In addition you can choose between three different lfo shapes, and have the option to introduce flutter and a 90 degrees lfo offset for a wide stereo effect. The denise Space Invader gives you full rhythmical control over the flanging effect, allowing for all kinds of creative
flanging effects.

Use Cases

1. “You are trying to use a flanger on a guitar or synth part, but there is no way to get the flanging effect to rhythmically lock with your track”. Regular flanger plugins don’t give you any options to sync the flanging effect to your tracks. The denise Space Invader let’s you sync the flanging effect to the host tempo and bar position, allowing you to create rhythmical flanging effects that lock to your track.

2. “You want to use a slow evolving flanger to spice up a built-up section that spans multiple bars, but you can’t get the flanging effect’s timing right”. Regular flanger plugins just start randomly, and don’t give you control over the lfo phase. The denise Space Invader lets you sync the flanging effect to the host for fixed BPM productions - spanning multiple bars - but also let’s you reset the flanger's lfo phase, allowing you to start the flanging effect at any point in time.

3. “You like the sound of a flanger, but find the effect too linear and repetitive to use in your mix”. Most flangers create very predictable movement, and can get boring quite fast. The denise Space Invader lets you re-trigger the lfo start-phase, allowing you to create any flanging rhythm you like using automation. Combined with the additional flip, split and flutter functions, this gives you unlimited options to create fresh and exciting flanging effects.

System Requirements

  • Windows: VST, VST3, AAX

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