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Michael malih
"Comet is my new favourite reverb."
. Writer & Producer | Madonna, Leona Lewis.
Askaudio 120x120 pluginboutique
"It’s a great sounding and well-designed reverb processor... the overall sound of the plugin is rich and dense and it’s perfect for many kinds of electronic music. Check it out."
. Ask.Audio features the latest in music production and performance new, tutorials, reviews, and interviews with industry experts.
Clint lagerberg pluginboutique
"Comet is showing up on every song I write/demo."
. Composer | Keith Urban, Blake Shelton.

For a limited time only, buy Comet and get Gatekeeper FREE

Offer ends 31st January 2020

Comet is a powerful, lush sounding reverb with a uniquely rich and musical detune algorithm for creating incredible reverb textures. Gatekeeper is a cutting edge volume modulation tool with unbeatable versatility. Together, these tools form a groundbreaking combination of creative tools, even harnessing the ability to be connected together through their CV outputs. By routing Gatekeeper's CV output into Comet, you can create moving, evolving reverb sounds that will be truly unique to your productions.

This offer is exclusive to Plugin Boutique and available for a limited time only. Offer ends 31st October 2019

Reverb In A Class Of Its Own

Introducing Comet – a reverb of unparalleled lushness and versatility. Envelop yourself in breathtaking textures of sheer beauty while creating living, breathing space in real time with Comet’s unique preset morphing capabilities. Experience trails of beauty that are pristine, dramatic, and one-of-a-kind.

Dynamic, Fully Automatable Spaces


  • An unbelievably smooth and beautiful reverb
  • Five interchangeable preset morphing slots
  • Glide control to morph between parameters
  • Pre Delay & Glide available in milliseconds and rhythmic subdivisions
  • Lockable parameters for consistency between presets
  • Uniquely rich and musical detune algorithm
  • Saturation module from input gain for extra density
  • MIDI and CV control for every parameter

Trails Of Beauty

Comet is designed to create beautiful trails of sound. It does not aspire to model the physics of a room. Instead, it captures the essence of a beautiful reverb. Once you hear it, you’ll fall in love.

Enhance your vocals, melodic instruments and drums alike, and add a special quality to your musical textures and sound effects.

Revolutionary Preset Morphing

  • Comet has 5 preset slots created to take advantage of its advanced morphing capabilities.
  • Using variable gliding controls, you can smoothly transition or “morph” between up to 5 different settings/presets.

Reverb: Reimagined

While researching and developing various new prototypes, Comet was stumbled upon by the Polyverse development team. After an initial comparison with other popular and classic reverbs, it was decided that Comet’s algorithm was so unique and beautiful that we needed to share it with the world. Not only that, its versatile sound in all iterations inspired a degree of flexibility unheard of in other reverbs.

Learn more about Comet.

Gatekeeper is the cutting edge of volume modulation. Capable of sample-fast transitions and equipped with a unique variable smoothing algorithm, Gatekeeper allows for drastic, punchy gating and sequencing while keeping the output smooth. Breathe new life into your audio with the most basic, yet impactful way: silence.

Unbeatable Versatility

Gatekeeper can act as an LFO, envelope, step sequencer, sample-accurate volume automation and more.

With 8 MIDI programmable envelopes, and even CV output for external hardware, Gatekeeper is a Swiss army knife of creative expression. Even more so, it includes hundreds of presets that will spice up your sounds. Whether used in production, mixing, or sound design, Gatekeeper always has something to bring to the table.

Precise, Expressive Designing Tools

Never again be frustrated by clunky editing interfaces! Curve brushes and an elaborate shortcut system makes drawing automation fun and easy, while 31 kinds of envelope brushes and 4 copy slots allow for exceedingly intricate designs. Need long drawn out patterns? With up to 1024 nodes, Gatekeeper can create a sequence up to a whopping 20 hours long.

The Next Key to Infected Mushroom's Arsenal

Since a large part of Infected Mushroom’s signature sound has always involved volume envelopes and rhythmic gates, it’s easy to see why they teamed up with Polyverse to bring the fastest, most accurate and flexible volume modulator to the world. Gatekeeper contains all of the secret techniques Infected has been using for years, all the way to their most recent creations.

Through our unique “Artistic feedback” process, artists use ever-changing prototypes while making their own music, allowing Gatekeeper to naturally evolve into its best form.

Learn more about Gatekeeper.

System Requirements

  • AU, VST2, VST3, or AAX compatible host
  • Windows: 32/64 bit
  • MAC: 64 bit OSX 10.7 and up

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