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32-bit / 64-bit

Amplifikation One

Amp Simulator by Kuassa

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When you first plugging your jack into your audio interface, you will soon play with a great sound without further tweaks!
. Won the Musicity.Org contest in 2004-2005, gaining the first position in Italy as the best emerging guitarist and best instrumental player with 344 bands.
These plugins are great. I've been using them on a bunch of films already.
. is a composer for motion picture, TV and video games, known for films such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Watchmen, Black Mass and many more.
These amp simulators are solid, sonically beautiful and incredibly ergonomic (at an insanely low price point!)— your tracks really need to have these plugins at their access.
. is an American actor, singer and songwriter who's first single hit number one on his home town radio station.

The perfect software built exclusively to sculpt great guitar tones.

Kuassa Amplifikation One is the original Amplifikation; a collection of guitar amps, distortion pedals, and a mic + cabinet modeler to sculpt realistic guitar tones and great tracks immediately. It is designed to provide a clear, straightforward workflow, without any confusing or obfuscating control parameters, to ensure you can get down to work without hassle.

Kuassa Amplifikation One captures the dynamic response and characteristics of hardware distortion modules, amplifier heads, and guitar amplifier loudspeaker cabinets, captured by various types of microphones in multiple configurations. It must be noted that the Kuassa Amplifikation One is not emulated or modeled after any specific amplifier, but rather is an amalgamation of the best hardware schematic designs, tube designs, and digital signal processes, implemented in the digital domain. The purpose is to produce the very best guitar tone possible on your computer, without being compromised by any real world limitations.

Users are able to control every aspect of the sound including (but not limited to) gain structure, tone, mic position, and distance.

Stop messing around with your gear, get productive!


  • Straightforward and easy to understand user interface
  • 8 amplifier heads, noise gate & 5 distortion modules
  • 5 cabinet models, users are able to use 2 cabs simultaneously
  • Built-in 4 Channel Impulse Loader with selectable routing options
  • 5 microphone types (straight or angled)
  • Mic distance and free positioning of mic around the speaker
  • Dedicated input and output volume control
  • Saturation, Output Limiter, and up to 4x oversampling
  • Supports sample rates of up to 96000Hz

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, or Later (32/64-bit)
  • Mac OS 10.5 or later (32/64-bit)
  • VST or AU compatible Host Software

Please note that this product is a plugin, a VST/AU compatible host/sequencer is needed to run this software

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