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3 Modulation FX You'll Actually Use

FX Bundle by Arturia

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Analogue Sound in Motion

A vibrant trio of essential modulation effects based on elusive analogue classics. Bathe your mix in stunning analogue chorus, rich multi-mode flanger and swirling dual phaser - dreamy textures await.

Colour your mix with a selection of irresistible and instantly recognisable effects. These are no ordinary modulation plugins; they’re circuit-accurate emulations of time-tested classics, meticulously engineered to capture every tonal nuance of their hardware predecessors.

Rediscover vintage analogue magic, or experiment with outside-the-box sonic manipulation - the choice is entirely yours.

Arturia see modulation as a journey without a destination. You start with a dry signal. You switch the effect on and take your first step. The journey evolves, twisting and turning in interesting and enticing ways. When you switch the effect off, you’re back where you started - ready to take the journey all over again.

From subtle stereo enhancement to the weird, the wonderful and the mind-blowing, lose yourself in the journey - these are the only modulation effects you’ll ever need.


One of the most sought-after effects units of all time. Simple 4-mode operation for beautifully smooth chorus at the touch of a button, complete with perfectly-emulated BBD warmth.


  • Instant, easy to use classic chorus with 4 modes and enhanced controls.
  • Ultra-simple 4-button operation.
  • Perfectly emulated BBD response for coveted warm sound.
  • Replicated analog compression, filtering and expansion detail.
  • Mono and stereo plugin modes.
  • Arturia's advanced features enhancing the original unit:
    • Choose from 4 additional oscillator (LFO) shapes.
    • Dynamic Color control subtly tweaks the saturation and tonal response.
    • Stereo Width parameter gives you more control over the left/right crossmix.
    • Emulated Send Mode and dry/wet mix control options.
  • A selection of 8 curated presets for instant iconic modulation sounds.

Learn more about Chorus DIMENSION-D.

Phaser BI-TRON

An elusive dual phaser that oozes boutique guitar pedal charm. Two phasing circuits, advanced routing options and a warm, distinctly detailed sound that’s set to stun.


  • All-encompassing dual phaser with glorious stereo sound and enhanced controls.
  • Circuit-accurate sound emulation for rich analog response.
  • 2 sweep generators (LFOs), each with 3 waveforms to choose from.
  • 2 independent 12-pole 'Phasor' circuits with depth, feedback and mod source controls.
  • Dual depth controls on each 'Phasor' circuit, corresponding to both sweep generators.
  • Arturia's advanced features enhancing the original unit:
    • Advanced routing for mono, stereo, series or parallel operation.
    • 12dB/oct Hi-pass filter on input signal.
    • ‘Phasor’ poles increased from 6 to 12.
    • Expression pedal/envelope feature can control LFO rates, ‘Phasor’ circuits.
    • Stereo reverse option on each ‘Phasor’ module.
  • Sweep generators can be tempo sync'd.
  • Individual 'Phasor' circuit bypass and dry/wet controls.
  • A selection of 37 curated presets for instant iconic modulation sounds.

Learn more about Phaser BI-TRON.

Flanger BL-20

Flanger but not as you know it. A rare studio gem that goes from faint stereo width to out-of-this-world compound modulation in no time, fortified with analogue character.


  • Ultra-flexible stereo flanger with enhanced controls.
  • 3 combinable modulation sources: Auto (LFO), Env and Manual.
  • Perfectly emulated BBD response for coveted warm sound.
  • Arturia's advanced features enhancing the original unit:
    • Zero crossing effect for deeper and more prominent flanger sounds.
    • Stereo Offset and Reverse Sweep controls for stereo spread manipulation.
    • 12dB/oct Hi-pass filter on input signal.
    • The addition of the Function Generator from Pigments, which can override the Manual modulation mode.
    • Choose from 4 additional Auto (LFO) modulation shapes.
  • LFO and Function Generator feature tempo sync rates.
  • External envelope option for extra-responsive modulation.
  • Mono and stereo plugin modes.
  • A selection of 28 curated presets for instant iconic modulation sounds.

Learn more about Flanger BL-20.

System Requirements

Platform Specifications


  • Windows: Win 7+ PC: 4 GB RAM; 2 GHz CPU. 
  • 1GB free hard disk space
  • OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU


  • Apple: 10.10+: 4 GB RAM; 2 GHz CPU. 
  • 1GB free hard disk space
  • OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU

Required Configuration

VST 2.4 (32-bit and 64-bit), VST 3 (32-bit and 64-bit), AAX (32 bits with PT 10.3.8, 64 bits with PT 11), Audio Unit (32-bit and 64-bit), NKS.


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