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Saturation by Variety Of Sound

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The TesslaPRO audio processor is aimed to take the critically acclaimed TesslaSE signal saturator on to the next level and features some really exciting new and unique approach on signal saturation modeling. While TesslaSE has gotten famous for it’s ability to let audio transient information pass through (to a certain extend) TesslaPro is going to extend this further: The amount of untouched transient information can be dialed in variable. This way one is able to obtain full control on where signal saturation is going to happen and how such effects appear into a mix sonic wise.


  • Engaging the BOOST switch increases the input level +12 dB – this is useful if more obvious distortion is wanted or the incoming audio has a low signal level
  • Dial the TRANSIENTS switch to let the audios transient information intact – use this to obtain some subtle but natural widening effects on stereo program material

Applying this to a whole mix or stereo submix or so can lead to some unexpected “side effects” beside that obvious effect that some amount of the transient information survives the saturation process:

  • The audio signal appears to be more focused but natural and relaxed at the same time
  • The audio signal appears to have some more stereo width content
  • The audio signal appears to be more “3-D”
  • You will have some big smile on your face


  • Win32 compatible system with SSE2 instruction set support.
  • Tested and known to work in many VST compatible hosts.

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