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"To me Voxpat 2 is an indispensable tool when it comes to creature or other inhuman voice designs. With the new functions it became even more versatile and an even bigger timesaver... the best thing is that it sounds great!"
. Sound Designer, Field Recordist, Lecturer who specialises in creating and distributing Sound Effect libraries, as well as teaching/Workshops (Post Production, Pro Tools, Nuendo, Studio One, FX, Synthesis, and more).
"While I was working in Far Cry Primal I decided to explore Voxpat as an alternative to my usual creature creation process. I found an audio software with a wide range of use, straightforward interface and a very kind customer support."
. Team Leader of Audio at Ubisoft.
"Voxpat is a sound designer's dream. It combines all of the different vocal processing plugins you might want to use into one massively powerful application."
. Boom Box Post. - Boutique post-production sound studio located in Burbank.

Voice Generating Software: A Real-Time Monster, Creature & Robotic Voice Designer

Voxpat is a standalone software developed to create high quality monster, other world creatures and robotic voices for games, films, music, multimedia projects or for creating sound libraries in just a few minutes. But also for processing any kind of samples or instruments in many different ways.

Procedural audio, audio synthesis, audio convolution, among other audio manipulation techniques are used to create multiple layers of sound using your own voice or pre-recorded audio files.

Includes samples and presets from respected sound designers as Frederic Devanlay, Stephan Schütze, Kate Finan, Russell Gorsky & Saro Sahihi.


  • Real time audio processing.
  • Up to 2 microphone inputs at the same time.
  • Multi Player Input. Process up to 4 audio files simultaneously.
  • Instrument input. Play any virtual instrument.
  • Process your input signal through 14 audio effects simultaneously.
  • Process Wav, AIFF and MP3 files.
  • Input Depending Mode.
  • Delays section.
  • Assignable LFO & LFO rate modulation.
  • Master FX Rack.
  • Recording. Batch processing. Sample processing.
  • Rec Me section. Record your voice in just 2 clicks.
  • Input & output routing to DAW or Audio Editor.
  • Rewire. Send all effects separately to any DAW.
  • Control Voxpat via your MIDI device, tablet or smartphone.
  • Lemur & touch OSC templates included.
  • Includes 71 presets & 90 samples from respected sound designers.

Main Features


  • 2 Microphone with HPF available
  • Multi Player.  Play up to 4 audio files simultaneously. Playback speed. Pitch. Loop. Reverse
  • Virtual Instrument Player. Play any VST/AU instrument

More Features:

  • Mix: This section allows mixing the spectral content from 2 inputs into 1 before to be processed through Voxpat
  • Voice Effects: Process input signal through up to 14 simultaneously effects. Each effect includes 3-Band Parametric EQ, HPF, and LPF. sends, mute, solo and Panorama controls
  • Input Depending Mode: Activate or deactivate any voice effect depending on the input level. It allows creating more dynamic sounds by activating outputs only when the input level is above the selected threshold for each voice effect
  • Delays Matrix: Add a delay to any voice effect to create interesting and unique decays to your voice
  • Voice Morphing: Cross-morphing between S1/S2 mixer sends. It allows creating awesome voice transformations
  • Output Morphing: Cross-morphing between dry & wet signals
  • LFO: Assigns LFO modulation to any effect.  Automatic LFO Rate modulation available
  • Master FX Rack: Includes 2 VST/AU plugin sections (serial & parallel modes available), 5-Band Parametric EQ, Pitch Shifter and a Cutoff Filter (HPF/LPF)
  • Output Clone mode: This allows generating a delayed copy of the output signal and to apply a slight different pitch shifting in comparison with the original output, creating interesting decay effects.
  • Recoding: Export Stereo/Mono WAV or AIFF files. Up to 192kHz / 32 Bits (depending on your soundcard). Simultaneously dry/wet output signal recording mode available
  • Batch Processing: Allows processing and recording a batch of files within a selected folder in just one-click. Stereo & Mono
  • Sample Processing: Allows processing and recording any audio file in just one-click. Stereo & Mono
  • Rec Me: A quick way to record your voice to be processed through Voxpat in a few seconds
  • Presets Manager: Create your own presets. Includes 71 presets from respected sound designers
  • MIDI Matrix: Control Voxpat via your midi device, tablet or smartphone. Lemur & Touch OSC templates included
  • Input & Output Routing: Process and record audio from any DAW/Audio Editor. Rewire
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: For better and faster user experience

Voice Effects (Fear – Beast – Roar - Burst - Predesigned Voice Effects)


Process input signal through 2 noise signal convolution effects at same time. Each noise section generates a different kind of noise signal, which is used as the convolution carrier signal and modulated by the input signal.

  • Noise A section generates pink noise, white noise, or a mix of both kinds of noise.
  • Noise B section generates a noise signal based on FM synthesis.


Procedural audio effect that generates a mammal sound depending on the selected settings. This mammal sound is used as the carrier signal for a convolution processing and is modulated by the input signal.

Output clone mode allows generating a delayed copy of the processed audio output by adding a delay and creating a pitch-shifted decay effect by changing the pitch of this delayed output version.


Process input signal through 6 pitch-shifting sections at the same time.

Input depending section allows selecting different activation/deactivation threshold level for each section, this way you can create more dynamic and realistic voices if sections are activated at different input levels, higher or lower dependin on your configuration.

Delay section allows adding a delay to any of the 6 pitch-shifting sections to create different voice decays.

SCONV | Sample Convolution

Load any audio file from your computer to be convolved by the input signal. Up to 4 different samples to be used at same time as convolution carrier signals.

Loop and reverse playback mode. Playback speed selector. Amplitude envelope designer. Pitch-shifting. Crossfader. Convolution mode.  Samples folder integration. Drag & drop for faster user experience.

Splayer | Sample Player

Play any audio file from your computer. Load up to 4 different samples to be played at same time. Samples can be triggered by the input signal in 2 modes, as long as input is detected or always until the end of the sample length,

Loop and reverse playback mode. Playback speed selector. Amplitude envelope designer. Pitch-shifting. Crossfader. Samples folder integration.  Drag & drop for faster user experience.

Plugin Morphing

Load any VST/AU instrument to be convolved by the input signal. Choose either a synthesizer or a sampler as the convolution carrier signal.

Auto Key mode allows playing the selected virtual instrument without the need of using a midi keyboard.


Process input signal through 2 spectral pitch-shifting sections at same time.

Frequency Range section allows splitting input signal in 2 bands, the inner band containing the selecte audio frequency range and the outer band containing the frequency range above and below the inne frequency range.  Both bands can be pitch shifted independently. 

Amplitude Range section allows selecting an audio frequency range depending the amplitude level
range selected, from low to high amplitude level. This selected range will be pitch-shifted; the rest of the audio will be ignored. There are 2 range selectors available.


Process input signal through 2 different pitch-shifting sections at same time.Delay Pitch Shifter section creates delay loops of the incoming audio signal. Each loop introduces a selected amount of pitch-shifting in comparison with the previous loop. Feedback loop can be also processed by a HPF, LPF or a Peak filter. Changing the delay feedback level you can control the amount of loops generated; affecting the decay of the sound and creating interesting pitch-shifting & filtering changing effects.

Dynamic Time-based Pitch Shifter section allows changing the pitch of the incoming audio signal continuously as far as input is detected, like a never-end pitch-shifting. Increasing or decreasing the pitch as fast/slow as you want.


Process the input signal through to 2 single side-band ring modulators.


Process audio input through 2 VST/AU plugins. Serial and parallel plugin processing modes. Plugins audio output cross-morphing available in parallel mode.

System Requirements


  • OS X 10.7 or later
  • 64-bit
  • Minimum 2GB RAM


  • Voxpat 2 is a standalone tool and will not function in any DAW.


  • Windows 7 or later
  • 64-bit
  • Minimum 2GB RAM 


  • Voxpat 2 is a standalone tool and will not function in any DAW.

Important Notes: 

  • You can load an play any VST/AU Instrument from your computer through Voxpat.
  • Voxpat 2 is a standalone tool and will not function in any DAW.

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