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Dirt EZmix Pack

Expansion Packs by Toontrack

Mix In Some Dirt.

A Bombastic Outburst in Mixing from the Man who Helped Define the Shape of Punk to Come.

Get in on some of the secrets from the man who helped define the shape of punk to come: Pelle Henricsson.

With 30+ years honing his craft behind the mixing console and world-renowned for his work with legendary heavy-weights like Refused (“The Shape of Punk to Come”), Meshuggah (“None”), Poison the Well and Hell Is For Heroes, this widely acclaimed and multifaceted producer/mixing engineer knows exactly what obstacles one might bump into in any given mixing situation.

“Sometimes raw recordings can come out a bit clean and impersonal. Whenever I mix, I always look for a way to blend in a little dirt from underneath. It makes everything come alive in a totally different way”, he says.

The Dirt EZmix Pack does exactly that – and then some. Complete with amp/cab simulation settings for guitars and bass, vocals, instrument busses and much more, this pack is perfect for any pop, rock, metal or hardcore track in need of a fuel injection.



  • Dirty Crap Bass 1
  • Dirty Crap Bass 2
  • Krauter Bass 1
  • Krauter Bass 2
  • LoFi Stereo Dirt Bass


  • The Boom Room 1
  • The Boom Room 2
  • The Spliff Boom Room 1
  • The Spliff Boom Room 2

Guitar Electric:

  • Dirt Guitar 1
  • Dirt Guitar 2


  • Curve Ball Kick 1
  • Curve Ball Kick 2
  • Dirt Kick 1
  • Dirt Kick 2 In
  • Dirt Kick 2 Out
  • Kick – LoFi Boom to Crack 1
  • Kick – LoFi Boom to Crack 2
  • Kick – LoFi Presence 1
  • Kick – LoFi Presence 2
  • Spliff Kick 1
  • Spliff Kick 2


  • From Crack to Fiji 1
  • From Crack to Fiji 2
  • From Crack to Mayhem 1
  • From Crack to Mayhem 2
  • Snare – Basic Dist
  • The Spliff Groove Snare 1
  • The Spliff Groove Snare 2


  • Clean and Lean Vocals
  • Clean and Mean Vocals
  • Crunchy Springer Vocals 1
  • Crunchy Springer Vocals 2
  • Dirt Vocals 1
  • Dirt Vocals 2
  • Gritty Shaker Vocals
  • Growler Wet
  • Growler Wetter
  • Tight to Lush Vocals



  • Big Bad Wolf 1
  • Big Bad Wolf 2
  • Psychedelic Bass 1
  • Psychedelic Bass 2

Guitar Electric:

  • Grease Dirt Guitar
  • Stereo Grit Guitar
  • Stereo Twang to Grit Guitar

Group Bus


  • Dirty Crap Drums 1
  • Dirty Crap Drums 2
  • Hard and Nasty Drums 1
  • Hard and Nasty Drums 2
  • Sweet and Controlled Drums


  • Sweet and Broader

System Requirements

Please Note: These can only be used with Toontrack's EZmix2.

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