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Pumper Compressor

Compressor by W.A Production

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The Compressor Module of Pumper

You can tame high frequencies, as well as control the low-end with the Pumper Compressor. Achieve an 'in your face' vocal/bass sound, or bring out some ambience and FX in your productions.

The Pumper Compressor plugin simply has one knob and a slider for you to choose your preferred style of compression, do not be fooled by it's simple interface.

With the Punchy style of compression, you’ll be able to get all those drums and synths to hit hard by adding punchiness and clarity to your sounds. This type of compression is great for drums or sounds that require acute attack transients. 

With the Fat style of compression, you're able to phatten your sounds by controlling and limiting their dynamic range. It's best to be used on dirty drop leads, which need to be loud and clear to the listeners.

With the Clean style of compression, it's just like a transparent compression which adds subtle touches to your sounds, without aggressively altering the sound. It just works great on vocals and acoustics instruments.

With the Soft style of compression, it glues your sonics together and makes them sound unified by adding clarity without over-compressing. It can produce wonders when used in the mastering process.

Compressor Features

  • Intuitive interface
  • Smooth compression algorithm
  • Punchy Mode gives you that direct punch and clarity - this is great for kick drums or percussion
  • Fat will help to bring out the low-end of your sound and make it sound big!
  • Clean is more transparent and is perfect for adding subtle touches to your sound - great for softer vocals or acoustic instruments
  • Soft is wonderful to use on your master channel - it slightly compresses the sound which will tighten everything up and add clarity, without sounding over compressed and lifeles

System Requirements


  • Mac OSX 10.13 and later (32 & 64-bit) 


  • Audio Units (AU)
  • VST
  • VST3


  • Windows 7 and later (32 & 64-bit) 


  • VST
  • VST3

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