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Bute Limiter Surround

Limiter by Signum Audio

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Seriously Smooth, Ultra-Transparent True Peak Brickwall Limiting

Note: This product is the Surround Sound version. The Stereo version of Bute Limiter is also available.

If you're looking for high fidelity pro-audio limiting, look no further. Our smooth and transparent True Peak Brickwall Limiter delivers superior sound quality for use on your final master or individual tracks during mixing.

Bute-ifully Smooth

Designed with absolute transparency in mind, the BUTE Limiter delivers beautifully smooth limiting with no compromises. Our advanced algorithms have specifically been developed to provide pinpoint precision while maintaining total transparency, preserving the fidelity of your original audio and avoiding unwanted artifacts or alterations.

Overshoot Proof

We only use highest quality linear phase upsampling in our True Peak Brickwall Limiter. We have designed our novel algorithms from scratch to guarantee no true peak overshoots helping make this the ultimate mastering limiter for broadcasters and producers. You can see precisely how much of your audio is being taken off on the highly informative graph.

A Sleek Experience

The minimalistic user interface makes it simple to get great sound from our limiter. Easily adjust Gain and Release to tweak your audio just how you want it, seeing clear and precise readings displayed throughout. Automatic re-metering enables you to see in realtime how your output changes when you play your track back after adjustments. Alternatively, you can easily collapse the window to a numerical data-only view to declutter your session and save on valuable screen real-estate.

Creative Versatility

The BUTE Limiter let's you push your sound even further, without losing its natural harmonics. With 5 Different release modes to choose from including Linear, Transparent and Pumping, and optional automatic release time calculation depending on content. By using the Pre-Gain you can use it as a maximiser for extra versatility.


All of our plugins work with Mac (>10.9) and Windows (>8.1), and are compatible with 64-bit VST, AU and AAX. The plugin comes in Stereo or Surround versions, with Surround providing additional multi-channel support for up to 10 channel Atmos.


Mixing & Mastering:

  • Boost your levels without clipping
  • Ensure more accurate reproduction of your audio/music on a variety of platforms
  • Use on separate tracks and/or master channel
  • Ultra-transparent, high fidelity sound quality

Post-Production & Broadcasting:

  • Surround version supports up to 10 channel Atmos
  • A reliable true peak limiter that will ensure no overshoots


  • A minimalistic user-interface making it incredibly easy to use
  • Collapsable window for numerical data-only view so you can save valuable screen space
  • True peak, ultra transparent limiting, with a novel approach to brick wall limiting making it "overshoot proof"
  • Surround to up to 10 Channel Atmos
  • Automatic reading re-metering to reflect adjustments
  • 5 Different release curves to choose from, with automatic release time calculation depending on content
  • In-Depth history and readings for True Peak, Threshold and Gain Reduction.
  • Useful Pre-Gain to push or reduce the incoming signal's volume
  • Compatible with Mac (10.9 or higher), Windows (8.1 or higher) and 64-bit VST / AU / AAX
  • Pro Tools 12.5 or higher
  • Included with the BUTE Loudness Suite

System Requirements

  • Windows 8.1 or higher 
  • Mac 10.9 or higher
  • All plugins are compatible with 64-bit VST / AU / AAX.
  • Surround adds additional multi-channel support for up to 10 channel Atmos.
  • Pro Tools 12.5 or higher

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