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Ableton Chord Rack

Ableton Racks by Sample Magic

Expertly sampled from a host of classic synths - think Roland Juno 60, Jupiter-6 and Yamaha DX-7 - the latest instalment of our Ableton Racks series serves up 127 authentic hardware-sourced chord stabs inside a custom rack instrument complete with comprehensive macro controls for powerful melodic creativity.

Built from scratch to include two tiers of 8 macro controls, Ableton Chord Rack delivers our most creative and flexible sound processing options to date. From intuitive and inspiring top-level FX chains combining reverb, distortion, delay, chorus and filters, through to lower-level macros controlling the source sound parameters (ADSR, volume, filtering, transposition), Ableton Chord Rack comes loaded with a huge palette of classic synth sounds and processing power primed for house, techno and retro-inspired electronica.

What's Inside

Top-Level Macros

  • Selector - Changes the selected chord out of 127 available presets
  • Reverb - Turns on reverberation, turn to the right to increase perceived amount
  • Crush - Enables a redux FX, increasing the value decreases the sample rate
  • Delay - A retro sounding ping-pong delay, turn the macro all the way to the right for a 100% wet sound
  • Flanger - Flange the chord sound from the left to right channel
  • Wah - A custom wah wah filter
  • Chorus - Turns on an analogue modelled chorus effect
  • LPF - Tweak this macro to allow more or less bass in the affected chord sound

Lower-Level Macros

  • Ve Attack - The attack envelope of the particular chord sample, turn to the right to allow for a smoother volume envelope
  • Ve Decay - The decay envelope of the particular chord sample, reduce for a sharper sounding chord stab
  • Ve Sustain - The sustain envelope of the particular chord sample, use in conjunction with release to tweak the tail of the sound
  • Ve Release - The release envelope of the particular chord sample, control the envelope shape of the decaying volume with this macro
  • S Start - Turn to change the sample start point of the chord
  • Filter Freq - A HPF filter, turn all the way to the left for an obviously filtered sound¬†
  • Transpose - Transpose the sound upwards or downwards stepwise in semi-tones
  • Volume - Change the amplitude of the chord sound

Download Contains

  • 1 x Ableton Chord Rack

Please Note: Ableton Live 9.5 is needed to use this product.

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