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Ableton Magic Racks: Mixing and FX Power Pack

Ableton Racks by Sample Magic

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Introducing Ableton Racks Power Pack: a versatile collection of 15 Ableton racks custom designed for incisive, intuitive and creative mixing, FX processing and mastering.

Made up of our three chart-topping Ableton Magic Rack packs - Mix Essentials, Mixing & Mastering and Creative FX - you now get all three releases for one unbeatably low price.

What's Inside

Creative FX

Five powerful Ableton racks for complex FX processing and creation.

  • Glitch Machine: Glitch, twist, stutter and smash any sound in endless combinations.
  • Mouth Mixer: Add specific vowel-sound oral resonance to any sound.
  • Multi-Band Mangler: Add crunch, warmth, dirt or high-end detail to drums, bass or synths.
  • Psychedelizer: A one-stop shop atmospheric textures, rhythmic layer and spot FX.
  • Ultra Delay: The ultimate delay FX tool utilising five delays in unison.

Mixing & Mastering

Five custom Ableton Racks for dance mixing and mastering.

  • Channel Strip: A workhorse rack for all channels, bringing the most commonly used mix parameters (and some lesser-know ones too) into a single rack.
  • Drum Strip: The definitive drum processing rack designed for use on both individual hits and the drum group bus.
  • Maximizer: A powerful sonic enhancement and loudness control that can be applied to any sound source.
  • Mid-Side Meddler: A leftfield processor that has found permanent residence on the SM music bus, this device separates the stereo mid-band and side-band into individual channels with gain control, filtering, modulation and spatial effects.
  • Mastering Strip: Finally, the Mastering Strip is a one-stop shop for super-speedy mastering of your mixes.

Mix Essentials

Five racks for essential mix processing in Live.

  • Kick Tweaker: Tighten, deepen and fine-tune any kick drum.  No transient is left un-tweaked in this comprehensive kick drum tool.
  • Snare Shaper: Precise tonal and envelope controls to whip snares, claps, sticks and stacks into shape.
  • Bass Toner: An essential of so many dance productions.  Use Bass Toner to add weight, warmth and width to any weedy bassline or to sculpt and sharpen overbearing subs.
  • Percussion Processor: Give life, movement and energy to percussion, hi-hats and tops.
  • Synth Modulator: Creative tools to morph melodics with 8 simple macro controls.

Download Contains

  • 15 x Ableton Live Racks
  • 3 x 15-page digital booklet containing introduction, installation and operation instructions.

Please Note: Ableton Live 9 is needed to use this product.

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