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Rock EZmix Pack

Expansion Packs by Toontrack

Rock It!

A Collection of Effect Chain Presets Specifically Aimed at Mixing Rock Music. Guitars, Vocals, Bass and a Multitude of General Effects for any Instrument.

“In pop/rock, its not always only about a lyric or a melody, you want to have a great track behind it”, Miles says.

And this EZmix Pack does just that. It was specifically designed to get your rock guitar, bass, drums and vocals to sit right in your mixes in no time at all, wherever you may be – on a laptop at home or in a multimillion dollar studio.

About Miles McPherson

Miles McPherson realized at an early age that in order to have a longstanding career in the music business, one must be multi-talented. Over the last fifteen years, Miles has steadily made a name for himself as a musician, songwriter, producer and engineer – working both on stage and in the studio. He currently plays drums with Kelly Clarkson and has a history of playing both live and in the studio with known acts such as Bo Bice, Dolly Parton, Bruce Kulick, just to name a few. When not on the road, Miles is busy at his own Nashville studio producing and developing artists.


  • Crushed Filter Delay
  • Dark Ethereal Spreader
  • Euro Verb
  • Gritty Chorus
  • HPF + Degrader
  • HPF Delay
  • Lost in a Dark Hallway
  • LPF + Degrader
  • LPF Delay
  • Shimmer Hall
  • Stereo 16th Delay
  • Transient Confuser
  • Wide Spreader
  • You Broke It


  • 80′s Rock Bass
  • Fat & Angry Bass
  • Fat & Honky Bass
  • Light & Dark Fuzz
  • Thin and Springy Bass


  • Big Drums, Short Slap
  • Huge Analog Drums
  • LoopMaker2
  • Room Mic Enhancer
  • Super Drum Compression

Guitar Electric:

  • Direct Fuzz
  • Over the EDGE Delay
  • PowerGuitarMixFit
  • RhythmicGuitarMixFit


  • Tight and Crispy Hi-Hats


  • Kick Tight
  • Sub, Scoop, Slam


  • Snare Tight


  • Crushed Delay Spreader
  • Sweepable Grit Delay


  • Floor Tom Tight
  • Rack Tom Tight


  • Distorted Poltergeist
  • Loud, Crisp & Moist
  • Multi Delay Spreader
  • Nasty Bullet Mic
  • Pop/Rock Vocal
  • Telephone Delay
  • Vocal Multi-Delay+Hall Reverb
  • Vocal Multi-Delay+Inverse Reverb
  • Warm Doubler


  • Loud & Tight

System Requirements

Please Note: These can only be used with Toontrack's EZmix2.

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