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Vinyl Lab

DJ Tools by Stagecraft

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Vinyl Lab is powerful and easy to use. It allows you to scratch and DJ in a wide range of new ways. The fully dynamic and customizable UI lets you take charge of your setup like never before.

A New Type of DJ Software

Vinyl Lab is our take on traditional DJ software. Like any professional DJ software, it allows you to browse and play beat matched tracks, mix, and loop. We take it to the next level too, by adding full VST/AU plugin hosting capabilities and effects chaining, in app online audio searching, and remixing to change the key and tempo of any track in your library (and export them).

Effects Chaining

Vinyl Lab comes with a broad array of native effects, and professional effects chaining features unlike other DJ software. Vinyl Lab is a VST/AU host, so you can open and use millions of plugins. Additionally, all the parameters can be quantized in more ways than just the typical straight or triplets. This means that live creation of beats and manipulation of effects has never been better!

Remix Key & Tempo

With Vinyl Lab you can alter the pitch (key) and tempo of tracks independently. This means you can warp tracks, loops and samples that would normally not sound right together, and bring them into accord. You can then remix and export your tracks to any key and tempo, so that they can be used in other applications.

Samples and Loops

Samples and loops are the core of Vinyl Lab. We offer unprecedented control of an environment that can play overlapping loops in perfect time, and drop in samples at will. Controlling the way that loops interact in a musical environment, alongside turntables, has always been a challenge for existing DJ software. We give you full control, allowing turntablism in ways never before seen.

In some ways Vinyl Lab is also far more versatile than existing DJ technology.  You can, for example, customize the UI so you an get the layout you want, play multiple tracks on turntables at the same time, overlap and beat juggle many samples at once, and quantize virtually any parameter to be in time and in the master key (in real time).  Quite simply, you have more control, and more options than with any other DJ software.


  • 16 sample players, assignable to either of 2 turntables
  • Timecoded vinyl support (all types of timecode supported), as well as CDJs
  • Effects chaining with assignable parameters
  • Fully midi mappable
  • Host VST and Audiounit plugin effects
  • Remix to any key and tempo ­ and export for use in other applications
  • Run as Standalone (Mac or Windows) or as a VST or Audiounit plugin
  • MIDI platters controllers for scratching ability
  • CDJ compatible

System Requirements:


  • OS X 10.7 or newer


  • AAX
  • AU
  • VST
  • VST3
  • Standalone


  • ­Windows 7 or newer 


  • AAX
  • VST

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