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Ableton Analogue Drum Racks

Ableton Racks by Sample Magic

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After the success of Ableton Instrument Racks, we supply an essential beat maker’s arsenal packed with 160 all-analogue sourced drum hits and 10 custom macro-mapped drum kits alongside 200 slick drum grooves to jump-start your creativity.

Designed as a go-to tool for all your synth drum needs, all of the drum hits have been sculpted from a host of hardware classics including the Arp 2600, Moog Minitaur, EMS VCS3, Roland SH-101 and Juno-60 - then additionally processed through a high-end chain including the Roland RE201 Space Echo.

Once again, we’ve gone all-out to marry classic analogue sounds with Ableton’s famed processing capabilities and intuitive workflow - you’ll find 8 top-level macros on each kit for creative drum mix processing as well as 8 sample-level macros for fine-tuning and tweaking of individual drum hits for maximum beat control.

The pack also includes the full Ableton project associated with the audio demo as well as native synth patches showcasing drum racks and their functionality across five track ideas.What's Inside

Kits 1-7: Global Macros

  • Robot - A combination of delay, flanger and beat-repeater that creates glitched robot builds and fills, with metallic overtones at higher values. 
  • Chorus - Thicken things up with a wide-style chorus effect. Use with Chorus macro.
  • Feed - Control the decay and speed of the Chorus effect.  
  • Flanger - A time-based flanger to create a dynamic sweeping effect.
  • Distort - Inject anything from subtle lo-fi warmth to full-on distorted dirt. 
  • Reverb - A tight drum plate reverb for subtle ambience.
  • Decay - Automate the reverb decay for increased space, fills or transitions. Use with Reverb macro.
  • Roll - Create tempo-synced rolls and fills up with a 127-step beat-repeater.  

Kits 8-10: Global Macros

  • Global Pitch - Tunes all pitched percussion sounds up or down 128 semitones.
  • Global Filter - Top-level drum mix low pass filter. Perfect for classic filter house vibes.
  • Reverb - A beat-friendly "oil drum" style plate ambience.
  • Delay - Classic tempo-synced delay effect
  • Beat Repeat - Create tempo-synced rolls and fills with a 127-step beat-repeater.  
  • Ring Mod Depth - Retro ring modulator dry/wet control.  Use to create pitch-specific modulation effects.
  • Ring Mod Freq - Control the frequency of the ring modulator for precise FX manipulation. Use with Ring Mod Depth macro.
  • Bitcrush - Top-level drum mix down-sampling effect from 1- to 16-bits for seriously lo-fi grooves.

Kits 1-10: Sample-Level Macros

  • Volume - Set your kit dynamic balance with this bi-polar macro.
  • Pitch - Tune your samples to the root key of your track.
  • Pan - Pan individual samples across the mix spectrum.
  • Filter Freq - Utilise a 12 and 24 LP filter to cut unwanted high-frequencies from the hit.
  • Sample Start - Full control over sample start points. Useful for tweaking the attack of individual hits.
  • Decay - Control the decay aspect of the individual sample’s ADSR envelope.
  • Release -  Control the release aspect of the individual sample’s ADSR envelope.
  • Filter Res - Tweak the resonance of your sampler filter. Use with Filter Freq macro.

Download Contains

  • 10 x Ableton Drum Racks
  • 200 x MIDI drum clips
  • 160 x 24-bit Wav loops
  • 1 x Ableton demo project (Ableton Live 9 Suite)

Please Note: Ableton Live 9 is needed to use this product.

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