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Ableton Instrument Racks

Ableton Racks by Sample Magic

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Five mammoth rack instruments integrating Sample Magic’s cutting-edge analogue and digital sound design and Ableton’s native processing tools into one standalone production and live performance powerhouse.

Comprising five vital instrument racks for dance music production - bass, lead, kick, snare and hi-hat - each rack comes loaded with 64 unique sample-based patches alongside 8 intuitive and intelligent macro controls to give you a comprehensive production toolkit for almost every genre of electronic music.

Packed with sounds from the Oberheim SEM V, Oberheim Matrix 1000, Arp 2600, Korg MS-20 and Nord Modular, Ableton Instrument Racks seamlessly fuses classic hardware with Ableton’s powerful native processing in one complete package.

The pack also contains three complete demo projects (including the one in the demo video) to showcase the powerful potential of the racks.

What's Inside

1. Bass Rack

Pure bassline bliss: fat subs, acidic squelches, FM tones, deep drones, hoovers, wobblers and more.

  • Selector - Instantly scroll through 64 unique bass sounds.
  • Position - Move the start position of the sample playback.
  • Loop - Utilises looping A/B markers to create a steadily repeating effect. Pull towards you for granular harshness.
  • Low Pass Filter - Remove unnecessary high-frequency from the bass for more headroom.
  • Tune - Easily tune the bass sound to the root key of your track.
  • Bend - Applies a semitone portamento slide, ideal for creating rhythmically evolving patterns.
  • Amplification - A unique selection of stomping distortion amp effects to hot up the the bass.
  • Wobble - Thirteen-stage low-pass filter with LFO speed changes and pre-defined wave shapes to add complexity, depth and movement. 

2. Lead Rack

All the leads you’ll ever need: analogue emulations, detuned leads, dusty keys, glassy digital chords, retro arps, 8-bit bleeps and more.

  • Selector - Scroll through all 64 different lead types
  • Decay - Tweak decay times for everything from long evolving textures or short staccato stabs. Left for stabs, right for hoover drones.
  • Wobble - Thirteen-stage low-pass filter with set-rate analogue-style LFO for pleasing detuned affect.
  • Twist - Combination of beat-repeater processing with ping-pong delay, ideal for classic spot FX.
  • Tune - A semitone-style tuning macro. Go two octaves lower, one octave higher.
  • Ring - Rhythmic variation in the form of a ring filter LFO. Combine with the reverb macro for epic 3D sounds.
  • Sprong - Grain delay spray in up and down flavours.
  • Reverb - From small to expansive: fine-control reverb with ease. Don't forget to open the module and assign the compressor's sidechain to the signal of your choice

3. Kick Rack 

Underpin any electronic track with the right kick: distorted, deep, hard, punchy, synthetic, live, layered - they’re all here.

  • Selector - Audition all 64 kicks at the turn of a knob.
  • Decay - Powerful envelope control: tweak the sustain, decay and release of the kick drum to fit the mix.
  • Roller - Drum roll madness featuring triplets with a dry signal blend 
  • Distortion - Adds warmth and drive to low-band frequencies for added character and crunch. Crank it up to serious filth.
  • Tune - Cent and step-wise tuning for maximum tuning control.
  • Time - Frequency-specific ping pong delay time setting.
  • Dry/Wet - Determines amount of processing on the channel effected by the Time macro.
  • Blur - Slick filter and reverb processing designed to soften raw and hard kicks.

4. Snare Rack

Serious snare business: from machine drum classics (think Linn, 808, 909) to live, layered and synthetic. 

  • Selector - Cycle through all 64 sounds instantly.
  • Decay - Tight envelope control: trim anti-clockwise for snares for more snap or turn clockwise for more tail.
  • Cut Off - Low-pass filter to reduce any unwanted high frequencies. Great for accompanying long fill rolls.
  • Crusher - Bitcrush processor control. Drive hard for serious dirt and crunch.
  • Tune - Semitone and cent-wise tuning macro for total tuning control.
  • Reverb -  Massive sidechained reverb. Open the module and assign the sidechain on the compressor when you first load the rack.
  • Sprong - Grain delay spray in two flavours. Ideal for wonky snare fills.
  • Twist - Beat-glitched mayhem.  Combination of beat-repeater and ping-pong delay for odd-ball rhythmic textures. Don’t forget to open and assign the compressor sidechain in the feedback chain.

5. Hats Rack

The essential cymbal rack, packed with 16 groups of hats (open/closed), cymbals, rides and crashes.

  • Selector - Instantly scroll through 64 combinations of hats (open/closed), cymbals, rides and crashes. 
  • Decay - Tweak the decay for longer or shorter sounds. For hi-hats only.
  • Frequency - A frequency shifter that creates dynamically panning hi-hats. Go from 3D top-end to metallic sizzle in one easy dial.
  • Wobble - Thirten-stage band-pass wobble filter with LFO. Tweak for unique detuned tops.
  • Tune - Tweak your hi-hats in a step-wise pitch shifter for depth or shine.
  • Ghost - A shimmering side-chained (gated) stereo reverb effect to add pump and ambience to your rhythms. Don't forget to open the module and assign the compressor's sidechain to Ghost Pre FX.
  • Time - A frequency-specific delay for seriously twisted tops. Set from 1/16 to 2 x whole notes.
  • Dry/Wet - Turn to control the amount of effected channel on the Time macro.

Download Contains

  • 5 x Instrument Racks
  • 3 x Ableton Demo Projects
  • 15-page digital booklet containing introduction, installation and operation instructions

Please Note: Ableton Live 9 is needed to use this product.

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