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Ultimate Logic Pro X Super Pack

Maschine Expansions by Niche Audio

Part time heroes
"A really nice pack. Plenty of variation in the samples and can be used across a variety of genres. Loads of room for experimentation too".
Part Time Heroes. 2006 saw the duo release their debut recording, the ‘Realise’ EP, earning them global critical acclaim, and radio rotation from Zane Lowe, Mr Scruff, Ras Kwame, and Benji B, to name a few.

Niche Audio’s Logic Superpack is the ultimate new bundle featuring eight stunning packs for Logic Pro users. This incredible collection gives Logic users the chance to experience Niche Audio’s quality and dedication to detail at a price that’s too good to miss.

The Ultimate Logic Superpack consists of Bass House & Garage, Future House, Naked Techno, Sublime Techno, Dub & Reggae, Planet 808, Planet 909 and Vital Vocals.

The range has been hand picked to give the producer a wide choice of expertly crafted production kits to inspire instant creativity. Along with the production ready kits are the highly acclaimed 808 and 909 packs and for the icing on the cake a vocal one shot pack. Niche Audio designs their custom made packs in a way that you can select any project or kit, mix and match, stamping your own identity transforming the originals within minutes. Top producers know that to stand out from the crowd using sounds from other genres is often the key to their success. This is why they have included techno, house, dub, reggae and vocal elements. No matter what genre you create you will find this bundle an indispensable tool for your production armoury.

As with their Maschine and Ableton versions,they go the extra mile. They've taken advantage of the hosts built-in processors and effects to making sure you experience total flexibility. Users can switch out sounds, edit midi patterns, edit effects and change projects completely to suit their own needs. Essentially, it’s only your imagination that holds you back.


  • 76 Projects 
  • 29 Logic Patches/Strips 
  • 347 EXS Patches 
  • 1936 24/44.1 Samples

System Requirements

  • Logic Pro X Version 10.2.1 or above is required

Important Note: Logic Pro X Version 10.2.1 or above is required to run the contents of this software!

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