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SoundSoap Solo 5

Audio Restoration by Antares

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"SoundSoap represents an elegant and affordable solution."
. Sound On Sound is the world's biggest and best audio recording & production magazine.
"SoundSoap is an inexpensive and easy-to-use noise reduction utility that has more power than one might expect."
. Richard Zvonar, a composer/performer and intermedia artist who specialized in electroacoustic music.
"If you are in a position to be restoring or cleaning a number of audio files, it is a must-have piece of software."
. The News Source for Radio Managers and Engineers.

The Most Popular App for Making Videos Sound Great

SoundSoap Solo makes it simple to fix audio problems in your projects for impressive sound quality. This affordable, easy-to-use desktop app brings several SoundSoap audio restoration technologies to your projects. Bring back to life unusable footage or record new media files right inside the app, with no loss of video quality. SoundSoap Solo is the perfect companion for making media projects sound great! 

SoundSoap Solo is perfect for anyone working with action cameras, interviews, video projects, iPhone/iPad videos, screencasts, podcasts, and more. Open the media to be cleaned and SoundSoap Solo will automagically find and remove background noise. With just a few simple controls, anyone can remove unwanted hiss, room noise, rumble, electrical hum, low volume, and other background noise from almost any digital media file. SoundSoap Solo is a must-have for easily cleaning up audio before you share it.

Automagic Restoration

Open the media to be cleaned and SoundSoap Solo will analyze, find, and remove background noise automagically. No other audio restoration products are this easy to use!

Plays Well with Others

SoundSoap Solo opens most popular media formats, including H.264, MPEG-4, WAVE, AIFF, AAC, MP3, FLAC and more. After cleaning, save to popular formats like M4V and AVI on Windows or M4V and MOV on Mac. On Mac, send your masterpiece with one click to popular destinations like Facebook, Vimeo, Email, Messaging, AirDrop, and more!

Now Hear This!

Fans, air conditioners, traffic, rumbles, and tape hiss are just a few examples of noise pollution SoundSoap Solo can help eliminate. And, with its highly intelligent Learn Noise feature, SoundSoap Soilo automatically finds the noise to remove while leaving the rest of your audio intact.

Remove Annoying Hum

Wiring is a common cause of electrical hum in recordings that can ruin an otherwise great recording. SoundSoap Solo eliminates common electrical hum problems - just turn it on- it's that simple!


Record audio straight into SoundSoap Solo- no need for a separate recording application! SoundSoap Solo supports recording to give you a seamless workflow, especially when recording noisy material.

Pump up the Volume

Audio tracks too quiet? SoundSoap Solo features an advanced loudness maximizer to intelligently boost the volume of your audio tracks. SoundSoap digital signal processing algorithms increase the loudness of the audio without introducing distortion.

Key Features

  • Works automatically
  • Fix background noises
  • Fix low volume
  • Fix hum problems
  • Fix low/rumble sounds
  • Drag & Drop popular formats
  • No loss of video quality

Essential For:

  • Video projects
  • Action cameras
  • Interviews
  • iPhone/iPad videos
  • Screencast 
  • Podcasts
  • and more!

Almost everyone has experienced undesirable background noise in their recordings. Maybe that amazing video of your kids also captured a noisy air conditioner, or that interview you recorded has a loud highway buzzing in the background. Not enough volume on your video's audio track? Were noisy fans supposed to be part of your interview? Have a loud humming sound caused by a bad cable? The list goes on and on. In any case, these noises can be a big distraction in your project. 

SoundSoap Solo's user interface is designed to be simple and focused, making it easy enough for anyone to use. Simply drag in your video clips from the Finder, iPhoto, or another media application into the SoundSoap Solo application. You can even record new audio files directly into SoundSoap Solo. After media files have been cleaned with SoundSoap Solo, save or share* them with one click directly to Facebook, Email, Messaging, AirDrop, and more! 

Note: *sharing options available on Mac version

System Requirements


  • Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks) or greater
  • 2GB RAM minimum
  • 50MB storage available
  • Internet connection for product activation
  • Each serial code can be used to authorize two computers


  • Windows 7, 8, or 10
  • 1GHz or faster processor with SSE
  • 2GB RAM minimum
  • 50MB storage available
  • Internet connection for product activation
  • Each serial code can be used to authorize two computers

Please note: Mac OS - Files with more than one stereo or mono audio track are not currently supported. Supported file types for opening are determined by Apple’s AV Foundation framework.

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