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Audio Restoration by accusonus

Computer music 120 pluginboutique
"ERA-D is an excellent plugin. It does a great job of drying out source material, and noise reduction is a bonus."
Computer Music. Magazine dedicated to making great music with your Mac or PC.
Katefinan pluginboutique
"I love this plug-in so much. Its first selling point is certainly that it is the best-sounding de-noise/de-verb plugin-in I've used and it also is the most user-friendly."
Kate Finan . Boom Box Post.
Michaelwabro pluginboutique
"ERA-D is pretty damn sweet! Nice interface. Best de-reverb I have heard so far. The de-noiser is so good in fact it certainly blows all other live adaptive software de-noisers I have tried- out the water."
Michael Wabro. Sound / Dialogue / ADR editor - Perfume -The story of a murderer, Alfie, The Escapist, 9th company.

ERA-D: The New ERA In Sound Processing

As a sound professional, there are times when you simply can’t afford to throw away a recording contaminated by noise and/or reverberation! An actor’s genius performance, a singer’s perfect vocal take, a musician’s moment of true inspiration: in all these cases you have to save the original sound. ERA-D is your new tool of choice for fast and efficient post-processing! Outside the protected environment of the studio, noise and reverb are simultaneously present and continuously interact with each other. The patented processing engine of accusonus ERA-D is well aware of that. ERA-D is the first restoration plug-in that simultaneously removes noise and reverberation by design and therefore provides unimaginable performance improvement over existing tools.

Despite the complexity of the processing engine, ERA-D comes with an intuitive user interface to manage noise and reverb problems faster and more effectively than any currently available workflow. ERA-D automatically estimates reverb and noise and provides the means to reduce them with just two knobs, achieving high quality enhancement in less than a minute. And for those times where exhaustive focus on the details is needed, ERA-D offers a panel of advanced settings as well as the ability to surgically process across user-defined spectral bands.


  • Patented processing engine
  • Reduce both noise and reverb simultaneously, taking also into account their natural interaction
  • Automatic de-noise and de-reverb
  • Obtain the estimation of noise and/or reverb adaptively, without the need to provide noise or reverb profiles
  • Fast and easy workflow
  • Reduce unwanted noise and reverb quickly and efficiently, using the two main knobs
  • Dual mode
  • Use the sound from your secondary microphones to improve the enhancement quality in your primary microphone
  • Multiple signal path options
  • Take advantage of an unprecedented flexibility of internal signal routing
  • Simple or advanced mode
  • Achieve quick professional results or focus on exhaustive details 

System Requirements


  • Version 10.9.0 or later 
  • Formats: AU (32/64 bit), VST (32/64 bit), VST3 (32/64 bit), AAX Native (64 bit), RTAS (32 bit) 


  • Version 7 SP1 or later (32/64 bit)
  • Formats: VST (32/64 bit), VST3 (32/64 bit), AAX Native (64 bit), RTAS (32 bit)

Please Note: Currently Wavelab, Audition and Soundforge are not supported on Mac systems.

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