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Geist Expander: Jungle Breaks

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Geist Expander: Jungle Breaks is full of the classic sound of ‘90s Jungle and early Drum & Bass; a range of snares, sirens and subs to bring your high-tempo productions to life.

Few genres are as instantly recognisable as the old school Jungle and Drum & Bass movements of the early 1990s. If you’re looking for the ideal content for fast-paced and frantic productions, look no further. You’ll find a diverse selection of the essential breakbeat elements, from individual snare rolls and ghost hits to long, low sub bass, plus classic sirens, alarms and other effects to give your productions an authentic sound. Keep your tracks rolling with Geist Expander: Jungle Breaks.


  • 12 Bass hits
  • 15 Clap hits
  • 15 Cymbal hits
  • 21 FX hits
  • 30 Hi Hat hits
  • 23 Kick hits
  • 6 Melodic hits
  • 38 Percussion hits
  • 25 Snare hits
  • 15 Percussion hits
  • 43 Rhythmic loops
  • 10 Melodic loops
  • 5 Kit presets

System Requirements

  • Geist or Geist2
  • Alternatively, any software/hardware that supports 24-bit, 44.1kHz WAV, AIFF & RX2 files

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