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Elevate + EQuivocate Bundle Upgrade from Equivocate

Mastering by Eventide

Adamaryan eventide pluginboutique
"I really like Elevate. It has a somewhat unique sound to it, which is a great addition to my limiter toolset."
Adam Ayan. (Paul McCartney, Katy Perry, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen)
Saltz eventide pluginboutique
"The surgeon's scalpel of plug-in limiters. It opens up a world of control and sound shaping options...Even with deep limiting, it keeps the pulse and musicality intact."
Alex Saltz. (Vampire Weekend, Moby, The Rancontours)
Morton eventide pluginboutique
"I'm mastering some songs at 96K and it performs like a dream...the multi-band transient enhancements and the spectral clipper for electronic stuff is sick!"
Sebastian Arocha Morton. (Sting, Seal, Santana)

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Note this is an ppgrade for current owners of Equivocate

Mastering with a Brain

Elevate is the most advanced mastering plug-in ever created. This unique multi-band limiter, human-ear EQ and powerful audio maximizer will increase the loudness of your mix while maintaining or improving its dynamic perception. It uses intelligent, adaptive technology that responds in real time to your music; creating not only the loudest, but the best sounding master.

Developed by Newfangled Audio, Elevate maintains subtle dynamics and improves the tonal balance of your mix. The adaptive limiter analyzes 26 frequency bands and alters the gain, speed and transients for each band in real time. The result is a transparent, natural sound, no matter how hard you push it.

Elevate utilizes 26 critical filter bands modeled from the human ear. Each of the bands are spaced to give maximum control over how the sound hits your eardrum. Draw curves, solo bands and manipulate the transient attack for each individual band to bring out particular instruments such as kick or snare drums.

Adaptive Technology

Elevate uses artificial intelligence algorithms to make it easy for you to get the best sounds, but you can still get under the hood for as much precise control as you desire. This includes giving you control over the tonal balance and transients inside the final limiting stage. The adaptive algorithms reduce audible artifacts and the additional controls give you maximum flexibility with professional results.

Mastering Bundle

The Elevate Mastering bundle includes EQuivocate, a graphic EQ that uses filters which are modeled on the human ear.  Perfect for mixing and mastering, EQuivocate's auditory filters and match EQ functionality make it incredibly powerful, simple to use, and natural sounding. Each of the 26 critical bands tickles a different part of your inner ear, making any combination of settings sound as natural as possible. Combining this with a linear-phase filter shape that reduces pre-echo makes EQuivocate an EQ with a difference you can hear.

There is no EQual

Professional mastering engineers, mixers and musicians have all added Elevate to their toolbox. Use it on your next project and hear the difference.

Choose your Color

Elevate comes with 3 different color variations.


  • Analyzes and alters the gain, speed and transients of each filter band in real time.
  • Includes presets by: APS Mastering, Matt Lange, Jeremy Lubsey, Eric Beam, ROCAsound, Chris Tabron and John McCaig.
  • Automatically adapts the attack, release and look-ahead parameters for each filter band to greatly reduce "pumping" and breathing artifacts and perceived distortion.
  • Preserves or emphasizes fast transients to avoid squashing your mix.
  • Manipulates transients across the critical bands to preserve the attacks from kick drums, snares and cymbals, without affecting the entire mix.
  • Uses linear phase auditory filters — based on the Mel Scale — to manipulate the audio in a way that is natural to your inner ear.
  • Solo the output of one band (or a number of bands) to hone in on problem frequencies, tweak transients or alter gain.
  • Use the Auto Output Level feature to compare the limited signal to non-limited signals with the same amount of gain allowing you to easily hear what impact the processing is having on your sound.
  • Use the Spectral Clipper to overdrive the final output without affecting the tonal balance or allowing the signal to get “tubby.” Perfect for a more aggressive sound.
  • Six different types of metering allow you to keep an eye on every aspect of your output audio.

System Requirements

Platform Compatibility

  • Microsoft Windows 7+ and Apple OS X 10.7+

DAW Compatibility

  • Pro Tools 10 + AAX Native
  • Cubase 7+ VST2, VST3
  • Nuendo VST2, VST3
  • Wavelab VST2, VST3
  • Logic 8+ AU
  • Ableton Live 7+ AU, VST2, VST3
  • Studio One AU, VST2, VST3
  • Digital Performer AU
  • Reaper VST2, VST3
  • GarageBand AU

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