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32-bit / 64-bit

JST Bus Glue BG-Bass

Compressor by Joey Sturgis Tones

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All About That Bass

Low end quickly decides if your mix is gonna stand up and impress or fall flat on its face - and nothing could be more important than the dynamic response of your low end in a mix. BG-Bass makes controlling the low end dynamics easy and decisive without all the complicated routing and processing. Don't trip over your low-end, get BG-Bass and stand tall.

Note: Also available within the JST Bus Glue Bundle.

Gain Matched

All Bus Glue compressors are made to auto make-up gain and match input signal so that you'll be able to compare your compressed and uncompressed signals with ease. The output knob controls the total output of the processor while the mix knob controls the internal balance of the original signal and the compressed signal. It just works exactly how you'd expect it to work.

System Requirements

  • A computer with Intel or AMD compatible processor.
  • Windows or Mac OSX operating system and a compatible DAW installed (check which plugin formats your DAW supports).

Please Note: This plugin does NOT operate as a standalone!


  • Windows (32 & 64 bit): VST2, VST3, AAX, RTAS
  • Mac OSX (32 & 64 bit): VST2, VST3, AU, AAX, RTAS

Please Note: The RTAS specification does not provide 64 bit support.

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