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"The headline creative feature of Egoist is the Slicer, which comes with a collection of samples and lets you import your own".
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“For anyone involved in dance music BigKick is a must …
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”Egoist is for any electronic producer looking for inspirational song-starting ideas and a fast, easy workflow, it comes highly recommended".
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Do the Robot!

Robot Groove offers instant groove along with unlimited programming and manipulation possibilities. Combining three innovative and dynamic tools, this package has been compiled to inspire new grooves and ideas quickly! 

Egoist from Sugar Bytes is pure "Groove in a Box". Use samples or full songs as a sound source. The onboard bassline, a drum machine and the multi-effect sequencer make Egoist the perfect track sketching tool in the studio and on the road. You’ll soon fall in love with its distinct features and concept.

Plugin Boutique's BigKick is the ultimate Kick Drum Generator which allows you to craft & tune the perfect kick. The drums are the rhythm and groove of any track, the kick drum is the heartbeat of that groove. It is an essential element to get right, BigKick gets rid of the frustration and makes kick drum design easy and enjoyable.

Cableguys TimeShaper 2 is an inspiring creative Multi-Effect which works wonders on beats! Stutter to create gritty edits for your track. Easily chop up and rearrange a break on the fly. Add repeating build-ups with just one click. Drop in instant tape-stops and DJ scratches. Or experiment and come up with something totally new.

Using a range of production techniques, the Loopmasters team have created an intense collection of sounds from huge impacts to delicate mechanics. Expect to hear some of the most twisted and contorted FX hits, using natural sounds, digitally processed with evil outboard FX. This collection has been featured to add the finer details and layers to your productions. 

The Robot Groove Bundle is exclusive to Plugin Boutique and only available for a limited time.

Sugar Bytes Egoist

Use samples or full songs as a sound source. Instant Groove. The onboard bassline, a drum machine and the multi-effect sequencer make Egoist the perfect track sketching tool in the studio and on the road. You’ll soon fall in love with its distinct features and concept.

The Slice Arranger Couldn't be More Straightforward

Egoist easily does what would take considerable effort in a traditional sampler: In record time, it can rearrange even the most predictable of samples to some great-sounding chops.

Each slice has separate controls of pitch, direction, attack, decay and volume. So, let’s assume you play the same snippet over and over again – each step would sound completely different than the one before.

The factory library packs 760MB sonic material, from acoustic beats, piano- & percussion loops, synths, vocals to FX, so you can go for hours before using external audio. Via „Load Sample“, you can import the formats .wav, .aiff and mp3.ego

Drum 'n' Bass

What all Good Music is About

Having made a slice sequence, you might wanna grab inspiration by its tail and move on with the structure of your idea. Therefore, we added the Bassline and the Beat. And this trinity of Sample, Beat and Bass really provides the most minimal setup to craft an idea in one go.

The Bass Tab lets you create classic bass lines (á la 303 or SH101). Run the oscillator in saw or pulse and tune essential parameters like resonance, decay & cutoff modulation.

The drum module is straight and to the point, just like its neighbour. More than 1,000 sampled kick, snare and hi-hats (open and closed) neatly organised in 15 kits. You can control pitch, loudness and velocity options. 96 samples per drum kit and a "Mix and Match" option leave you with endless combinations.

Cheerful Rebel

Arpiculation is Arpeggiator and Intonation

Rather than being a static add-on, the effects can be varied on a per-step basis. Of course, being able to treat effects as one-shot moments is much more dynamic than using overall global effects. A familiar concept to anyone who knows Effectrix.

There are 7 processors in total, a small but well-formed array: Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Filter, Lo-Fi, Tape Stop and Looper – to be applied to Slicer, Beat and Bass.

These con artists of sound are all quite beautifully depicted in their respective icons. Each offers a couple of parameters that can be edited via sliders, while the Filter section begins by offering 7 types and an equal amount of cutoff modulation sources from across the instrument.


  • Slicer, Bass, Beat and an Effect Sequencer
  • Easy Arranging of Sample Slices
  • Perfect Track Sketching Tool
  • Arrange up to 16 slices with detailed control
  • Round and fat basses or blatant 303 lines
  • Beatbox with HiHat, Kick and Snare
  • Effect Engine for bright colours in the right spots
  • Song Arranger

Learn more about Sugar Bytes Egoist.

Plugin Boutique BigKick

Plugin Boutique BigKick

The drums are the rhythm and groove of any track. And, the kick drum is the heartbeat of that groove. So you know how important it is to get the kick drum right in the mix. Big Kick was created with the sole intention of allowing you to achieve the results you have always wanted.


  • Achieve great bottom-end: design a drum that fits perfectly with your bass
  • A quick and frustration-free solution: cut out hours of hunting through samples
  • Get more out of your existing kick drum sample collection
  • Start from scratch or use presets from D-Product, the Freemasons, Kris O'Neil and many more


  • Combines synthesis for flexibility and samples for extra-character
  • Drag-and-drop: instant sample import and export to your DAW or Desktop.  Drag finished samples straight out of the plugin to your host’s sampler. Or drag sounds straight from your track onto the Load Sample button to layer them with the synthesized kick drum!
  • Flexible: Replicates most electronic kick drum sounds - with creative options to help you create the sounds of the future
  • Big library: Factory library includes >300 attack types and 110 presets
  • Tuned kick drums. Set the pitch to match your bass-line, or play the pitch of the kick drum with your MIDI keyboard
  • Use your own samples: Easily integrates with your existing sample libraries
  • Easy-to-use: Easier to use than any previous kick drum design tool. No complex envelopes to set - just sensible knobs for instant results
  • Auto-play: click auto-play for an instant kick-drum metronome. Get started jamming without programming a single midi note
  • Bonus samples: 100 free kick drums from the Loopmasters library come with the demo – yours to keep whether or not you buy the plugin!
  • Creative options: Overdrive, three unique waveforms and a hard clipper
  • Two kick drum body models: Original (covering a range of styles) and tough (which gets a harder edged more electronic sound – great for trance and other clean, tight and hard genres)
  • Safety first: A high pass filter helps you avoid nasty surprises in the sub-bass
  • Preset management: Great new preset handling features, including folder creation, renaming, easier preset browsing, preset-pack creation tools and much more
  • Fine-tuning: Built in EQ to make your presets sit right in the mix quickly and a punch control to tuck the drum into your mix, or have it leap out and smack you in the face

Learn more about Plugin Boutique BigKick.

Cableguys TimeShaper 2

Just like a DJ working vinyl, TimeShaper 2 lets you freely manipulate the flow of time, slowing down or accelerating your music. Simply draw the exact LFO shapes you need – our unique curve-editing tools make it fast and easy. Warp pitch and time to create everything from essential everyday FX to extreme multiband transformations.

Running inside Cableguys' ShaperBox 2 effects plugin, use TimeShaper 2 on its own or with other Shapers — they all work in exactly the same way, stacking up to create elaborate, multilayered effects that'll make your productions stand out.


  • Rearrange the beat
  • Scratch like a DJ & Scratch on time
  • Drop-in a tape-stop
  • Add a retro vinyl 'wow'
  • get the half-time effect
  • Reverse in real-time
  • Spilt the fx into multiple bands
  • Add custom chorus/flange FX

Learn more about Cableguys TimeShaper 2.

Loopmasters Cinerobotic FX

Loopmasters present Cinerobotic – a mean, metallic collection of robotic FX and hydraulic impacts to add an air of Cinemania to your productions. These intergalactic sounds are provided 100% royalty free and ready to deploy for a musical clone war of epic proportions!  

Cinerobotic features over 800 individual sounds to lay down as hits, atmospheres and after effects with a vast combination of high-fidelity drones, glitches and foley recordings to cut through the mix. Included in the collection are Alerts, Calibrations, Movements, Fighting Bots, Footsteps, Frictions, Droid Bleeps, Mechanicals, Hydraulics, Weapons, Impacts, Stutters, Shutdowns, Startups and Transformers – enough sounds to take you from R2D2 to Optimus Prime and every cyborg in between! 


  • 658 MB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 155 Foley
  • 65 Bot Movements
  • 63 RoboWooshes
  • 56 Little Droid Bleeps
  • 52 Robot Hydraulics
  • 38 Shutdowns
  • 37 Fighting Bots
  • 35 Transforming Layers
  • 34 Robot Weapons
  • 31 Startups
  • 30 Frictional
  • 30 RoboMechanicals
  • 28 Footsteps
  • 28 Robocutz
  • 27 Robot Innards
  • 26 Smashing Robots
  • 25 Robotic Impacts
  • 20 Alerts & Calibration
  • 20 Robotic Glitches
  • 18 Large Servos
  • 17 Maintenance & Response
  • 12 Dying Robots
  • 10 Robodrones
  • 10 Robospheres
  • 8 Robotic Stutters
  • 27 Soft Sampler Patches

Learn more about Loopmasters Cinerobotic FX

System Requirements

Sugar Bytes Egoist


  • OS X 10.6.7 or higher

  • Min. screen height: 800 pixels


  • AAX

  • Audio Unit (AU)

  • Standalone Application

  • VST2


  • Windows 7 or higher

  • Min. screen height: 800 pixels (un-zoomed)


  • AAX

  • Standalone Application

  • VST2

Note: All Sugar Bytes plug-ins are available in 32-bit and 64-bit formats for both Windows and Mac OS X systems.

Plugin Boutique BigKick

BigKick is compatible with most major DAW platforms and is available for both PC and Mac.  


  • OS X 10.6 or later (64-bit only)


  • AAX for Protools 10.3.6 and later
  • AU - Audio Units
  • VST 2.4


  • Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 and above (64-bit only)


  • AAX for Protools 10.3.6 and later
  • VST 2.4

Please note: The plugin is 750 pixels high; as a result, it may have minor issues in some sequencers on some netbooks or very low-resolution monitors.

Cableguys TimeShaper 2


  • Windows 7, 8 or 10 
  • VST host sequencer
  • 32- or 64-bit


  • Mac OS X 10.8 or later 
  • VST or AU host sequencer

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