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"Accidental fills and breaks make things really nice when they happen to line up with something else going on and AutoBeat has been awesome for that!"
. American musician, singer-songwriter and record producer, best known as the current sole member of electronic music act, Telefon Tel Aviv.
“Generating patterns, drum beats & fills in Ableton Live has never been so satisfyingly easy…”
. Daily resource covering the latest news, reviews, tutorials and interviews for digital music makers, by digital music makers.
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“Autobeat is a fantastic tool for providing that initial spark of inspiration for everything from beats to glitch loops to melodies."
. Lessons in how to create release quality music in the genre of your choice with Ableton Live Courses.

M4L MIDI device for patterns generation based on probabilities. Create variable beats and fills with just a few clicks!

Give Beats A Chance

Brings a huge beating power in your Live project: AutoBeat is the definitive tool to create, sketch, and/or variate your drum patterns or melodic contents.

Tons of advanced features, and just a few clicks to generate new inspiring loops and beats!

Edit and write your beats, set probabilities for each step and let AutoBeat create variations on the fly for you. Use the advanced random functions to create new rhythms and grooves.


  • Powerful editing tools - Exclusive time resolution and advanced random functions for each voice. Create polyrhythm madness!
  • Smart Fill - Recall an alternative pattern on the fly, right when you need it!
  • Swing it - Raise the swing, increase the groove!
  • Give steps a chance - Set the probability to trigger a MIDI note, for each step!
  • Hey, I know these pads… - Work on your beats keeping Ableton Drum Rack’s feeling
  • Store on MIDI clips - Click the store buttons to instantly store MIDI clips based on current settings.

How It Works

The device is based on eight 16 steps sequencers. For each step, you can define the chance to trigger a MIDI note and its velocity. This creates patterns with continuous changes exactly where you want them! You can set, for example, a 4/4 kick, then add another kick hit on the third 8n at 50% chance. This triggers a new kick note just sometimes.

Each voice has exclusive tools for advanced editing: time resolution, three random functions, offset, loop length and more.

Besides the variations automatically generated on the main pattern, you can also create an alternative pattern via the fill area: then just click the fill button to launch another pattern on the fly.

Being a MIDI device, AutoBeat works with any instrument (not only drums). Furthermore, it has special features optimized for Ableton’s Drum Rack! If this device is used in the same track with a Drum Rack, AutoBeat starts communicating with it getting the drum pads name. Then, editing a drum pad in the Drum Rack, AutoBeat automatically selects that notepads displaying its settings: you will always see the pattern of the pad you are working on.

AutoBeat works great as continuous variations live instrument as well as a smart probabilities writing tool: the store feature allows you to instantly create MIDI clips based on the current pattern with just a click.

Extra: the AutoBeat pack contains also 9 Drum Kits!

Enjoy AutoBeat immediately: we included 40 Instrument Racks presets with 9 Drum Kits made by artists, sound designers, and Ableton Certified Trainers:

Afro DJ Mac

Vinyl and Chippy are two Drum Racks designed for AutoBeat by AfroDJMac, songwriter, producer, Ableton Certified Trainer. The racks offer control over each individual sound, as well as built in audio effects.

Federico Ascari & K-Devices

Concretism is a drum rack designed for AutoBeat by K-Devices in collaboration with Federico Ascari. All sounds have been created using metal pieces, woods and objects you can find in a repair shop, including welding tools.

Franz Rosati

nz_tx is a drum rack designed for AutoBeat by Franz Rosati, sound/visual artist, electronic music producer and composer. All sounds have been created on a Yamaha Tx81z FM synth, then edited in Ableton Live.


Sydrums is a drum rack specially designed for AutoBeat by Giona Vinti, aka Hyena, electronic music producer and Ableton Live Certified Trainer. All sounds were meticulously crafted on a vintage FM synthesizer, the great Yamaha SY99, then recorded in 24-bit format, with 4 different layers of velocity to recreate the subtle variations generated by velocity in an FM algorithm and give more dynamic fun. The drum rack was then enriched with Ableton Audio Effects carefully mapped to macros to twist and mangle your drum patterns in subtle or extreme ways.

Noah Pred

Cut Kit and Dub Kit are two Drum Racks designed for Autobeat by producer, remixer and Certified Ableton Trainer Noah Pred.

The analog source material was generated with an Elektron Analog RYTM, recorded at 24 bits and digitally processed for maximum impact. Experiment with the macros for futuristic electro sounds and extra dub adventures.


My Shiny Green Car and Dank Veg are two Drum Racks designed for AutoBeat by Luca Mucci, aka Piezo, electronic music producer, dj and Ableton Certified Trainer.
Sounds have been created with a DSI Tempest, a Modulus 002, some field recordings and other processed samples: Drum Racks also include some Ableton audio effects.
Macros play a fundamental role on the presets: map them to a MIDI controller and have fun.

System Requirements

  • Live 9.7.5 or higher
  • Max For Live with Max 7.3.4 or higher
  • OSX and Windows

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